Why is the number of foreigners in Panama increasing?

Panama has become a retirement site for many American and European immigrants. There is a reason for the growing number of immigrants in Panama because people are waiting for a comfortable life at a low cost of living. Almost everyone dreams of having a beautiful house in a beautiful environment, and Panama can definitely answer this dream. Coupled with a cheap lifestyle, Panama's better life is easier to achieve and then maintained as people grow up with the comfort of friends and family.

Panamanian expatriates are usually Americans and Europeans who have pensions for consumption. Some are richer than others, have the ability to buy a house, while others do not. However, all of these people just want to enjoy a good life and experience a very sad and happy life. In Panama, health care, food, clothing and recreational activities are cheap; therefore, retirees are allowed to make the most of their pensions. Because of the low cost of living, these people have the ability to buy what they want.

Panama has many scenic destinations for tourists and expatriates. There are well-preserved rainforests, sleeping volcanoes, hiking trails, hiking beaches, tan beaches, historic areas and iconic Panama Canals. . Panama can go hiking, swimming, surfing, horse riding, zip and more.

If you are considering eating, Panama's juicy fruit is affordable. You can buy 100 oranges for just $4, so you can eat this delicious fruit every day. Boquete Panama is also known for its fine tasting coffee. Foreigners like local cuisine such as Sancocho, as well as Yuca Frita, Pescado, Patacones and Carimanola. A couple in Panama can have lunch at a restaurant for just $8 [including drinks].

Another reason for the growing number of foreigners in Panama is cheap and high standards of health care. Panama City has state-of-the-art hospitals comparable to hospitals in the United States and Canada. The advantage of these hospitals is that they are inexpensive. Doctor consultation will only cost you $10, which is much cheaper than what you might spend in the US. Prescription drugs and medical procedures are equally inexpensive; therefore, making Panama a popular destination for medical tourists.

Foreigners in Panama are usually found in Panama City, Coronado, Bocas del Toro and Boquet. The latter has a large immigrant community because Boquete's climate is much cooler than other Panamanian towns. Boquete is a developed alpine plateau. Therefore, the weather in this town is much cooler, and the foreigners living here are very happy.

Panama is actively accelerating development, as evidenced by the various infrastructure and development projects currently lined up. The Panama Canal is planned to be expanded, as well as new roads, new international airports, mining projects, etc. Foreigners choose to live in Panama because they are on the right track in terms of growth. Panama is moving towards a brighter future, which will not only make its citizens, but also the tourists and foreigners who make the country their second home.

Experience the beauty of Norway's paradise (1)

Norway is located in the western part of Scandinavia in northern Europe. Covers an area of ​​385,155 square kilometers. It is east of Sweden and northeast of Finland and Russia. Southern Norway faces Denmark across the sea. As a member of the Nordic countries, Norway attracts domestic and foreign tourists with its unique Nordic style. The theme of travel promoted in Norway is the power of nature. The original natural landscape has always been Norway's most unique region. In recent years, more and more tourists have come to Norway to get close to nature and experience nature.

In Norway, one cannot miss two things, the longest and deepest fjords and aurora. Countless hustle fjords are eroded by glaciers and seawater, passing through mountains and cliffs. The most beautiful season in the fjord is early summer. Blooming apple trees, azure seas and green valleys add a vibrant colour to Norway.

Sogne Fiord is the deepest, longest and narrowest of the Norwegian borders. The entire fjord is a protected area where you can enjoy the most original and beautiful scenery. Traveling by train is a safe and exciting way to experience the Norwegian fjords. The railways of Bergen are the most beautiful railways in the world. You can close your eyes and imagine the following. Take the scenic train and you can cross the deep fjord. Then you can see spectacular views of the mountains and lakes, majestic canyons, amazing waterfalls and flowers all over the mountains and plains. That is so spectacular!

As one third of the Norwegian territory extends to the Arctic Circle, it is the best place to watch and enjoy the midnight sun and the beautiful Aurora in the north. In the three northernmost counties of Norway, there is no sun setting from mid-May to late July, and these three places become the only places to play golf at midnight. In the winter, when the aurora phenomenon occurs, the excellent aurora will be based on the sky above Norway and show its charm in various ways. Visitors can travel around the city during the day and enjoy beautiful stage performances in the air at night.

San Francisco Travel Guide

San Francisco is a city known for its cable cars that run regularly throughout the city. Many people have never had this opportunity to transport before. In San Francisco, the cable car is not the only interesting thing. There are many attractions to visit in the city. There are Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf. These are just two of the most popular attractions during the holidays.

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the thing that most people associate with San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937 and was the longest suspension bridge at the time. The Golden Gate Bridge is named for its location. The bridge spans the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, the place where the San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. This bridge is the first amazing attraction.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to see fresh fish being brought in and packaged for sale. There are a variety of places around the area for dinner or lunch. It is good to eat fresh fish directly on the fishermen's boat. This is a place you can't miss when you are sightseeing in the city.

Visiting Alcatraz is also a very popular tourist destination. Rock is a very common nickname for Alcatraz because it is located on a black rocky island. Rock is home to some of the most notorious criminals. From 1934 to 1963, Alcatraz Island has been a prison, during which escape has never been so successful. Most of the criminals trying to escape are drowning in the strong currents of the San Francisco Bay. These waters are the most dangerous because the water flows constantly. These trends are so strong because the bay is connected to the Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco has many exciting adventures. This is a city to explore whether you are alone or on vacation. San Francisco is not only a fun city filled with many different cultures, but also parts of our country were located in the Gulf. This is a resort city where everyone will be filled with excitement and adventure.

Labor Day Resort

Thousands of families are on the road every year looking for an ideal holiday destination to share on Labor Day. Most families use Labor Day as the final "cheer" to end the summer explosion. I know it's hard to find a really exciting place that will make you, your family and your friends unforgettable.

No need to search anymore, I have compiled a list of the ten best Labor Day hotspots, which will definitely make you unforgettable.

Napa Valley, California

The Napa Valley seems to be a luxury place for families, but the Napa Valley has a variety of exciting activities. Whether you are looking for a family or something important, someone else is spending a weekend looking for something with some friends.

In Napa Valley, only a small number of activities can start your Labor Day fun, including hot air balloons, fantastic golf courses, wine towns, spas, farmers markets, parks and beaches and much more.

Walt Disney, Florida

I am sure you are reading this book, you already know Walt Disneyland very well, this is a must if you have children. Every child's dream is to go to Walt Disney to see Donald, Mickey, Minnie, all the princesses and so on. Nothing is better than seeing a child with a smile on his face. So if you have children but have never been to Walt Disney, I highly recommend that you put all your children in the car and travel on this Labor Day.

New York, New York

It may be one of the best places to visit with others. Every night, Broadway shows are held, which are some of the best restaurants in the world, and the collapse of culture makes New York a must-see for Labor Day. Labor Day is not only full of adventures, but also the best time of the year, holidaymakers may ask for some of the best weather.

Lake Ozark, Missouri

Lakes thousands of miles away, numerous hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues, Lake Ossex may be one of the greatest Labor Day experiences in the Midwest. Obviously, the best thing you can do on Ozarks is to take the boat, rent a boat from one of the many rental companies, spend the weekend on the water, and spend time with friends and family. Don't forget that every Labor Day on the lake will show you one of the best fireworks.

Caribbean cruise

While this is not a place, it is a multi-site and a great way to see a part of the world that you wouldn't normally see. A better way to spend Labor Day than to visit some of the world's most beautiful beaches in the sun, Margarita, is a package starting at $500, and almost every family can afford a cruise.

Remember, no matter who you are with, the idea of ​​vacation is to enjoy yourself and create memories. Don't let a stressful holiday plan take up your time, the purpose is to relax and have a good time.

Danger of living in the Philippines

Like most places, knowing where to go, where to go, and when to go is critical to your safety plan. Every city in the world has an area that you have never been to, because you don't need to go there, and if you do, you will ask for the wrong attention. Some areas are ok during the day, but once darkness falls, the streets are the crime areas waiting for the victims.

I walked on many bad streets in Manila, Cebu and Angelis during the day and night, and everything I experienced was completely avoidable because I didn't go there. Sometimes you can't avoid trouble, it finds you, but in general, you know where to go, when to go, and you just follow instinct. If you don't have this instinct, read on because we divide the potential risks into four main areas of risk: natural, natural, artificial [direct], and artificial [indirect]

Although most of us believe that the biggest threat will come directly from others, it is not always the case. In fact, statistics show that there is a greater risk of storms, infections, car accidents or bad routes than those who try to kidnap or rob you.

Part 1: Natural dangers

The Philippine Islands are located on a volcanic ring that surrounds the Pacific Ocean. Although this offers great potential for geothermal energy production, it also means that you have the opportunity to be covered by lava or volcanic dust and mud called “laha”. When the Pinatubo Mountain exploded in the early 1990s, it marked the collapse of the US bases in Clark and Subic, both of which were on the debris road. When the neighbouring cities of Angeles and Orojiapo are reopened, the entertainment venues are no longer exactly the same as before.

Earthquakes are another hazard, although they are more likely to be mudslides. During monsoon rains, hillsides often slip away under the weight of illegal shacks and lack of binding vegetation. Landslides can pose greater risks to extremely poor people, but landslides can cause vehicles to be taken off roads that are high above the ground, and can even lead to costly delays and missed flights. Not all hazards must threaten life and injure others in some form.

The typhoon season from late June to early December may be a dangerous period. There was a major flood in Manila and the roads in the provinces were cut off. You may find yourself unable to leave Baguio through one of the three winding mountain roads due to landslides, and due to weather conditions, the airport may also be closed. Due to the turbulent waves, in this case, the smaller & Amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; quot; " "

Get ready at home, reserve fresh water, use food and fuel for the stove, and accept the reality that nature is always responsible.

Part 2: Natural dangers

There are 21 species of snakes in the Philippines, including 4 species of cobras, 3 species of snakes and at least 11 species of sea snakes. Not to mention spiders, jellyfish, rockfish and various other small snakes. Having said that, during my visit to the country for more than 20 years [including full-time residence, camping and diving in the country], I have only encountered a handful of venomous reptiles during this period. All of them are doing their best to get rid of me, this is the usual way, unless you accidentally come across someone or stupid enough to try to catch someone.

Palawan and Mindanao do braze the estuary or saltwater crocodile, but you are more likely to be bitten by the rabies rabies Basset hound than a man eating bacon. Monkeys also carry rabies and should be avoided, especially animals that the owner vows to tame.

Carabao or buffalo do sometimes feel uneasy and worth staying away, as do livestock on all farms. Unless you really feel the need to give Honeyko's mother and pigs and goats, please stay away! Remember the famous words of WC Field and never work with children or animals.

Even simple attempts to avoid hitting a chicken or dog while riding can lead to more serious accidents, and in addition to ruining your vacation, this may be just one of the life-changing events we experienced at some stage.

Part 3: Artificial [direct] danger

' Cash, Bash and Garbage' These three things will make you fall into the biggest trouble anywhere in the world. Garbage refers to junk women. The Philippines did provide a second life for the older Westerner, so that they really fell in love with the young Filipinos, but there were good and bad, and the difference was to make a difference.

Carrying too much cash or jewelry, even spending a lot of money, generously tipping, and flashing cash in general, will attract your attention. However, you really don't need to pay attention. Use the hotel's safe and carry enough cash to cover the cost of a day or two.

In all the years in the Philippines, I only heard about the use of violence against foreigners. I can usually bet on foreigners and offend the locals. Filipinos are not afraid of you. Don't think, because they may retreat, so they won't come back to arm and arm the mob. They don't care about co, they are just practical. Similarly, they will have countless witnesses to prove that they have adhered to Kano’s position.

Robbery and robbery are usually in the wrong place, and the wrong time occurs, which can be avoided by using some common sense. A bigger danger comes from the pockets. They often work in gangs and are highly skilled and unable to participate. Even more insidious is that ' sets' children will encounter foreigners, and suddenly the "police" appears and arrests you for pedophilia. Of course, if you pay a huge fine [usually thousands of dollars] immediately, they can eliminate it all. Men who work in prostitutes also encounter this situation. They think these prostitutes are over 18 years old, but they are actually two to three years younger. Setting is a common method because it is usually the local police scam, so it is difficult to self-self without losing every penny you have.

Part 4: Artificial [indirect] danger

If the threat comes from anything related to people, but not intentional, then "artificial" [indirect] is the type of risk to consider. Car accidents caused by someone’s negligence, boat caps, bus crashes, and even simple slips and fall injuries are dangerous and can even be life-threatening.

Always consider the shipping method you are about to take. Consider the weather, traffic conditions, and even the appearance. Who will have your life. You can't review everyone on the road, but you can consider the transportation method you choose and decide your own guts. Feel like this.

There are very few ambulances in major cities, and there are almost no ambulances in other places. When you wait for death, provincial hospitals are often dirty and unequipped. Although Manila has world-class medical facilities, I can tell you from the first-hand experience that there are few people in Bogo City Hospital, few drugs, few equipment, and an Hi-Ace van with an ambulance.

Many houses are not grounded or even properly routed, and some houses are even illegally connected to the local power grid. The restroom is usually a short basin. Since there is no paper, you must wash your hands and then rinse the toilet with a bucket. Even in large shopping centers, there is usually no toilet paper or occasional cleaning. Although it may not be fatal, it is harmful to human health, at least unpleasant. Always carry toilet paper with you and plan your exercise. It may happen at your hotel.

Bali never ends

Bali is the best island in the world. This is not only a tourist advertisement, but also a real reward for this beautiful island. So going to the island for a holiday will be a really fun trip, but unforgettable. Bali is the most popular island among the more than 13.000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is located in the eastern part of Java Island and the western part of Lombok, with about 4 million people lying.

Despite the recent tragic events, it has affected the arrival of tourists, but for travelers, Bali is still an ideal destination. Everyone has a place to find such noise, hustle and tranquility. Surfers can find huge waves on many magnificent beaches, honeymooners can find a peaceful and romantic getaway, and even executives can find meeting rooms to refresh their business strategies. No wonder many people call Bali an amazing paradise. Known as the best island in the world, Bali attracts nearly 1 million visitors every year. Friendly people, amazing culture and natural integration make Bali a unique island that can be experienced, but can be used as a recipe for tired minds.

Interested place

What should I do? where to? From the heights to the coastline, Bali has many attractions.

Ubud, about an hour north of Denpasar, is surrounded by most things that bring people to Bali. Scenic rice fields, small villages, craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, budget accommodations and unique luxury hotels. Besakih Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Bali and is the most fascinating during the festival, but it is magnificent and impressive whenever you go there. Kintamani Volcano, around the Batur, you can see the picturesque and magnificent hillsides, and Peneloken offers the first spectacular view of this crater lake. Located in the vast crater. Ascend to the top of Batur, an active volcano, watching the sunrise will be an unforgettable experience.

Bali is a lucky place surrounded by beautiful beaches. Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Dreamland, Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Lovina, and Tulamben are all worth visiting. Bali has many beautiful beaches, just choose a resort that suits you.

Bali has world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, coral viewing and many beach sports for those who want to get wet. Take a short dive course or a variety of packages to experience the diving in Bali and discover the beauty of Bali underwater. Bali's diving spots are near Nusa Lembongan, Sanur, Amed, Geely Tepekong, Menjangan Island and Tulamben. The surf spot is located near Uluwatu and along the west coast of Bali, north of Long Valley. Amateurs or professional surfers love Bali Beach and participate in international surfing competitions every year.


Tourism in Bali began in the 1970s and attracted many travel agencies and airlines to attract their customers to appreciate this beautiful island. Accommodation in Bali ranges from budget hotels to luxury 5-star hotels, resorts and villas.

If you are looking for an exciting island nightlife, countless shopping options and restaurants from all continents, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak will satisfy you. Sanur is a bit quieter and usually rises a bit on the market. It is about 20 minutes north of the airport and is next to the highway. The largest enclave of the luxury resort hotel is Nusa Dua in the eastern part of the Bukit Peninsula. Another tourist attraction is Jimbaran Bay, which itself is the backdrop for the vast crescent-shaped beach, one of the best beaches in Bali. Ubud is about an hour north of Denpasar, a great place to experience “real Bali”. It is also a romantic place for honeymoon.


Bali is a truly international destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Bali has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants serving Indonesian and international cuisine. Be sure to experience the Indonesian dishes nasi goreng [fried rice] and mie goreng [fried noodles]. Don't forget the delicious seafood. Jimbaran Bay is one of the casual dining spots on the beach with a café serving local lobster or trout.

when are we leaving

For real fun, just check out the four seasons when you travel to Bali. Bali is hot and humid throughout the year, and the wet season is from October to April [well… does global warning affect this term?] and is characterized by short, short rainstorms, after which the air becomes fresher. In the lower range of land temperature from 21° to 33°, the temperature is lower at higher altitudes.

All Star Resorts in Disney World

Walt Disney's three most unique theme resorts in the world are Disney World All-Star Resort. Here are some details to help travelers determine the resort that suits them best. These are popular among holiday families because they are cheaper at all resorts at Walt Disney World.

All star movies

A colorful "cinema" value-for-money resort featuring Disney's five films featuring 101 favorite Dalmatians such as Dalmatians, Toy Story, Fantasia, mighty Ducks and Lovebugs.

Covering 62 acres, adjacent to Disney's All-Star Music and All-Star Sports Resort

Design Architect: Arquitectonica, Miami, Florida

Record Architects: HKS, Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida

Landscape Architect: Herbert-Halback, Inc., Orlando, Florida.

The All-Star Complex broke ground in November 1992.

Construction began in July 1997

Opening date: January 15, 1999

1,920 rooms

The Mighty Ducks-384 Room – January 15, 1999

101 Dalmatian – 384 – January 15, 1999

Fantasia – 384 rooms – March 1, 1999

The Love Bug-384 rooms – March 1, 1999

Toy Story – 384 rooms – April 15, 1999

The world's premier food court offers theatre-style dining with the following 5 marquee venues:






Walt Disney Animation and Walt Disney Fantasy [WDI] collaborated to design and build the resort's large icons to ensure the correct look of each character.

Pool: There are two themed pools. A pool of fantasy songs with the theme of Fantasia, and a duck pond with the theme of "Duck Pond".

Fantasia Pool – Fantasia-themed pool decorated with Witcher Mickey, with 231,610 gallons of water in the pool

105,000 gallons of water in the duck pond

There are 1,200 gallons of water in the children's pool.

A collection of 3-storey buildings with the following themes –

Fantasia: The hotel’s “Fantasia” area is decorated with giant wizard’s hats, spell books, and brooms and buckets. The wizard's hat is 45 feet high and the bottom is 44 feet in diameter. The width between the broom and the bucket is 23 feet. The top of the broom is 36 feet high. The height of the jack is 35 feet and Jack's height is 25 feet. The ballerina is 35 feet tall.

Love bug: Herbie, the famous bug will appear five times the normal size. Herbie's tires are 9 feet in diameter and weigh about 7 tons. The pliers are 35 feet high. The screwdriver is 36 feet high.

Powerful ducks: huge hockey sticks, goalkeeper nets and duck-shaped hockey masks will decorate another area. The hockey stick weighs 2,000 pounds and is 43 feet tall. The sticks are made of aluminum, each of which is shipped from Rhode Island in two parts. The hockey goal is 31 feet high. Each mask is made of more than 1200 pounds of stucco and 11,000 pounds of shotcrete. There is also a hockey-themed swimming pool.

101 Dalmatians: with the canine stars Pongo and Perdita. In addition, if you want to calculate all Dalmatian dogs on these themed buildings, including all puppies and large Pongo and Perdita icons, there will be 101 Dalmatian dogs. Pongo and Perdita weigh about 17,000 pounds. Pongo is about 30 feet high and Perdita is about 25 feet high. Everyone needs 15 gallons of paint, not including the footstools they sit on. The Pongo icon was shipped from California in four pieces on two wide-duty trucks. It took the workers two days to put them together. Pongo's low stool is 10 feet high and 12 feet in diameter. The hydrant is 36 feet high and 18 feet in diameter.

Toy Story: Featured toy soldiers climb the roof of a building with the following stars – Buzz Lightyear stands about 47 feet tall. Woody was about 30 feet tall from the waist to the hat when sitting on the floor. Woody's boots are 7 feet tall. The Bucket O&Soldiers stair icon is approximately 27 feet high and 36 feet in diameter

The colored shades on the walls of the rooms look like a box of popcorn. When the light bulb is turned on, the shadows turn white and the design is no longer visible. This effect is often referred to as "visual illusion." Dramatic works often take advantage of this illusion and are often referred to as "scarves." This illusion is achieved when a holed object illuminates from behind. When the light is on, the print on the object will no longer be visible. This visual illusion can also be achieved with loose fabrics.

All-star music
A music-themed, value-for-money resort with a lifelike symbol of jazz, rock, Broadway, Calypso and country music. The design team is dedicated to creating a fully integrated musical theme that is reflected in the resort's landscape, architecture and interior design.

55 acres adjacent to Disney All-Star Sports and All-Star Film Resort

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, Florida

Record architects: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida

The groundbreaking ceremony for the All-Star Game was held in November 1992.

Opening date: November 22, 1994

1,920 rooms

Calypso-384 – November 22, 1994

Jazz – 384 rooms – December 18, 1994

Rock Inn-384 – January 20, 1995

Country Fair – 384 rooms – February 12, 1995

Broadway – Room 384 – February 17, 1995

The 550-seat mid-course food court includes frescoes by great musicians such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

The Melody Hall Business Center includes major boarding halls and customer service facilities. The notes of the musicians appearing on the registration desk in the hall clearly indicate the first line of “When you make a wish”. The large Venus in front of the Melody Hall weighs over 55,000 pounds.

When Mickey Mouse's image was incorporated into the design as a decorative improvement, it was called "Intentional Mickey Mouse" because it was specifically designed to make Mickey Mouse a visual complement to surrounding artwork or logos. It's best to define "Hidden Mickey" as the Mickey Mouse image hidden in Walt Disney's world attractions or resort designs. Currently, there is no hidden Mickey in the All-Star Music Resort. The All-Star Music Resort currently has three areas – the country market [boots]; the country market [group buy relationship]; the Jazz Inn yard [above the film] has "intentional Mickey".

Pool: There are two themed pools. The Calypso pool is designed in the shape of a guitar, while the Piano pool is similar to a small grand piano with a full 88-key keyboard.

Calypso Pool – Silver Star by the pool weighs about 33,000 pounds – The fountain in the middle of the pool is made up of three Disney characters: Donald Duck, Pancito and Jose Joka in the animated film "Three Caballero" Rioca [1945] – it has 251,418 gallons of water

The piano pool has 106,036 gallons of water

2767 gallons of water in the children's pool

A collection of 3-storey buildings with the following themes:

Show Tunes: This area features top hats, notes and oversized "Broadway" performance subtitles, which show "beauty and the beast." The size of the large top hat is 125. There is a 1972 Checker taxi that often stops on the roadway in front of the Broadway area.

Calypso [Island Music]: Calypso can find giant Maracas, banana leaves and exotic birds such as toucans and macaws perched on railings. Calypso's Maracas can hold up to 150,000 beads. On the two buildings that make up Calypso, there are 934 banana leaves.

Country Fair [Country Music]: The Country Fair area is decorated with Bolo ties, harmonica and giant boots. The giant boots that appeared in the yard were No. 270. About 132 trucks appeared on the top of the two buildings that make up the Country Fair.

Jazz Inn: A huge swinging band with musicians and instruments on top of the “Jazz Inn”. The music performer at Jazz Inn is wrapped in about 68 pairs of sunglasses. There are about 470 musicians in the swing band at the top of the jazz band.

Rock Inn [Rock Music]: Huge amplifiers, speakers, microphones and neon lights, and an oversized jukebox decorating the resort's rock-themed area. There are 160 records on the balcony of Rock Inn. The 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe car often parked in front of the Rock Inn.

All-star movement

A sports-themed value-for-money resort with icons that represent the surf, football, basketball, baseball and tennis. The design team is committed to creating a fully integrated sports theme that is reflected in the resort's landscape, architecture, lighting and interior design. Neon lights and fiber optics illuminate the resort's main icons. The palm trees are arranged to look like a basketball team. The inner courtyard resembles a football field or a huge tennis center court.

90 acres adjacent to Disney's All-Star Music and All-Star Film Resort

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, Florida

Record architects: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida

The All-Star Complex broke ground in November 1992.

Opening date: April 29, 1994

Rooms: 1,920 rooms

Surfing – 384 rooms – April 29, 1994

Hopps Hotel – 384 rooms – May 13, 1994

Touchdown – 384 rooms – June 26, 1994

Home Run Hotel – 384 Rooms – July 22, 1994

Central Court – 384 rooms – August 11, 1994

The walls of the food court in the terminal area are decorated with sports scenes such as surfing and football. The 550-seat food court also features giant sports figures sitting in colourful green, blue and red dining areas.

Each room features sports-themed bedspreads, loudspeakers and artwork depicting sports scenes.

When Mickey Mouse's image was incorporated into the design as a decorative improvement, it was called "Intentional Mickey Mouse" because it was specifically designed to make Mickey Mouse a visual complement to surrounding artwork or logos. [The best definition of "Hidden Mickey Mouse" is the Mickey Mouse image hidden in Walt Disneyland attractions or resort designs. Currently, the All-Star Sports Resort has no hidden Mickey. Resorts in Resorts – Trash Cans and Touchdown The courtyard [the grower in the central courtyard] has the following "intentional Mickey".

Pool: There are two themed pools. Surfboard Bay and Grandsland Pool

SurfBoard Bay – Silver Star next to SurfBoard Bay is 46 feet tall, weighs over 33,000 pounds and has 242,741 gallons of water

Grandslam Pool – The Grandslam Pool is designed in the form of a baseball field. In the middle of the pool there is a fountain flying high on the pitcher's mound, which has 119,590 gallons of water.

2,713 gallons of water in the children's pool

Red, white and blue star seats, shrouded lighting reminiscent of the basketball hall, miniature red lockers greet guests at the resort's main check-in and passenger service area, Stadium Hall. There are approximately 727 stars in the stadium hall. The Great Venus in front of the stadium hall is 55 feet high and weighs over 55,000 pounds.

Theme Building: A collection of 3-storey buildings with the following themes:

Central Court [tennis court]: The central court has a stairwell in the shape of a tennis can and an oversized tennis court with a balcony. The tennis can can hold approximately 9,474,609 regular size tennis balls. Some tennis rackets are about 51 feet tall, and the tennis balls connected to the balcony are almost 5 feet in diameter.

Home Run Hotel [Baseball]: At the Home Run Hotel you can find giant baseball bats, Coca Cola cups, stadium lights, scoreboards and outfield fences. To fill a huge Coca-Cola cup, you need more than 20 million 12-ounce Coca-Cola cans. In 1992, Walt Disney World Resort guests consumed approximately 1,600,000 gallons of Coca-Cola, which accounted for only 85% of one of the giant Coca-Cola cups. A 40-foot-high ash tree is needed to make a baseball bat, the size of which is the same as the baseball bat of the home run.

Hopps Hotel [Basketball]: The favorite college team's pennants, such as the Blue Devils, Tigers, Boiler Maker and Crocodile, revolve around the roof of the Hopes Hotel. The giant basketball hanging from the side of the building's courtyard is about 5 feet in diameter and more than 70 in size. A giant megaphone with a height of 45 feet. The two whistle are 60 feet long and 20 feet tall. The peas in the whistle are about 9 feet in diameter.

Surfing [surfing]: Oversized surfboards and colorful fish complement the deep water of the surf. There are about 950 red snapper and dolphin fish on the balcony of Surf's Up. The surfboard is about 38 feet high. The two shark fins are 38 feet tall and belong to a 300-foot-long great white shark.

Ground! [Rugby]: Giant football and a bigger football helmet than the real one welcomes guests to Touchdown! Football players must be over 200 feet tall to wear a giant football helmet.

Great Italian pizza – eight top pizzerias in the top Italian pizza restaurant in progress

If Italy is the birthplace of pizza, Naples is its crib. The pizza we know today – a loaf with tomato sauce and cheese – became a popular dish in Naples in 1889, when the local pizza maker Raffaele Esposito was the Queen of Italy, Queen Margarita Sava. Margherita di Savoia made pizza. He only needs to add a few pieces of basil petals, and he has a Margherita pizza!

It is natural to have a delicious and simple food like pizza that is copied to the extent that it can be done. This is why one or the other form of pizza can be found in almost every part of the globe. I still remember that when I was 17 years old, I skipped an organized lunch in Vilnius, Lithuania, when I went to the school exchange in the Soviet Union, and had lunch at a place with the Latin letter "pizza". I am sure that the pizza I eat there and many other foods in the Soviet Union make me convinced that I should learn Italian rather than Russian. My friend Emily has a similar experience in finding the best pizza in Iceland. My point is that no matter where you travel, the best pizza is almost always in Italy.

I am not a pizza purist. Although I really like the original Margaret of Naples, I am still a fool of other forms. Sylvia once joked that I had my little things in the slice shop of the town through the snacks of St. Pizza. She is right.

This is my list of favorite pizza shops in Italy, from sitting down to the original slice on the trip [unfortunately, I have not been to Naples for many years, so we have to solve this problem for the rest of the time] Italy -Currently]. This short list does not pretend that the best pizzas I like are arranged in order according to my taste – comparing the classic Neapolitan Margaritas to Milan's fried panmaxtti is like a vintage wine and beer. This is just the beginning of a trip to Italy's pizza, destined to develop, and more importantly, development.

Like my waistline.

1] and 2] La Bella Nea / Vesuvius – L'Aquila

The history of these pizzerias is tangled and is the only real pizzeria for the pizza purists in Naples. Vesuvio is one of the earliest pizzerias in the city. La Bella Naples moved to the crowded suburbs and moved to the old location near the university and city hall when it was parked. The only real difference between the two is the size – Vesuvio is now bigger and more spacious, and La Bella Napoli's small room makes things more private, making you feel closer to the couple running it. Both can make beautiful pizzas with a selection of ingredients and a crust with a moderate amount of chewing.

Since the earthquake, Vesuvius has reopened [via Australia's District 1, Petino, AQ 67100, telephone 0862 313893]. I don't have any news about La Bella Napoli, but I know that its original location is completely forbidden.

3] Pisa Ciro-Rome

I instinctively resisted the chain, but Rome's Ciro is the best place in the Eternal City, when you just want to sit down with a friend and take a bite. The best chain is located next to the Sarah Umberto Prose Theatre. The pizza here is the kind that is famous in Naples, and the buffalo cheese is worth spending less. If you have never eaten buffalo mozzarella, order a fresh ball on the side [a triangle of crepe bread baked in a basket of wood oven]. If it rains all day and it is too wet to properly ferment the yeast, order one of the excellent pastas. My favorite is the egg pasta with zucchini, 蛤lam and pachino [cherry tomato].

Via della Mercede, 43-45, between the Popolo Square and the Trevi Fountain, and other locations.

4] Trieste-Pescara

The Trieste Beach franchise has been producing small round pizza for 40 years. Each small pizza is cooked on its own small dish and placed on a shelf like a crazy muffin tray. These little pizzas are a bit greasy [local olive oil] and a bit crunchy. I have been daydreaming since a friend dragged us onto a beach umbrella a mile away. Since then, the owner has opened another place in the new Portonuovo restaurant district in Henan [open night only].

On a hot winter evening, the small pizza here is as good as the beach franchise and pizza day trip at Lungomare Matteotti on Beach 102, and recently at CorsoManthoné at 27 o'clock [but only after 6 pm].

5] Louise Milan

Luini is a bakery behind the historic Rinascente department store, just a short walk from La Scala and Duomo. Foccaccia is good, but they are known for their panzerotti [fried pocket pizza]. For Milan's fashion and financial districts, panzerotti is pleasing and affordable. But be careful, because when you first bite into a tie, you might put a sauce or cheese oil on your tie or jacket.

There is no place to sit down, but the Holy Square. Fedele has several cement benches. [via S. Radegonda16.]

6] Il Canguro-Aquila and Pescara

In L' Aquila, there are a lot of great pizzas, but “The Kangaroo” is the only favorite pizza I can still find today – at least, L&A near L' Aquila has reopened a #39 Aquila Est highway exit. Fortunately, there is another one in Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi near my temporary residence in Pescara. Pizza is nothing more than a “country pizza” in Rome, where you pay by slice rather than by weight. The surface area of ​​each slice is brick, the bottom is crisp and slightly chewy under the topping.

In addition to Margaret, they are also known for pizza with pachino tomatoes, smoked scamorza cheese, mushroom mushrooms and sausages, or mozzarella, mushrooms and black truffle sauce.

7] Lo Zozzone-Rome

Zozzone is hidden in a small street near Piazza Navona, a mixture of sandwich shops and pizzerias. They don't have real pizza, but use freshly baked crepes and any ingredients you point out to make all the sandwiches in front of you. The name – literally means "a big mess", probably because you will drip olive oil from the dried tomatoes or artichokes. Street food, they only have a few chairs and tables.

Via del Teatro Pace, 32 years old – Rome

8] Pane e Lavoro-L&Aquila

Pane e Lavoro is the best bakery pizza on L'Aquila. Round, as wide as a coffee can lid, with only a handful of peppers in the middle of the tomato sauce. This is the last stop on our family road trip. The bag is usually empty before we put it on the other side of the Gran Sasso underground tunnel.

Pane e Lavoro was the first old place I reopened after the earthquake.

And, we are just getting started.

Make the most of your vacation

Trying to control the expenses this summer? This year, give up expensive vacations and choose cheap and happy accommodation. If you plan and work harder, accommodation can be a surprisingly interesting option. Reduce everyday tedious work and schedule many exciting activities – your vacation will be a huge success!

Delete routine:

  • When you go abroad, treat your work like you. Can't avoid being called? Stay in a state of emergency. Otherwise, this is not a proper holiday.
  • Do housework before or after the event. A relaxing holiday does not include laundry, cleaning and shopping.
  • Clear your family calendar. Take a break from regularly scheduled duties, classes and sports. Replace with a fun-filled group event.
  • Set the right expectations in your social circle, that is, you won't be able to reach it for the entire duration, or just respond to urgent questions.

Turn off the electronic device:

  • Take advantage of settings on your "out of office" computer and on your phone. When you don't respond immediately, the likelihood of others panicking is reduced.
  • Close the idiot box. PVR your favorite program, then catch up; or better yet, prove that you can live for a week or two without a TV.
  • Discard video games. Leave the virtual world aside and enjoy some real Interesting change.
  • Put down your smartphone! Enter into agreements to minimize telephone [work and private calls] and establish a good system for family members who circumvent the rules. Spend extra cash to go on holiday.
  • Avoid surfing the internet. If you need to find content, please pop up online quickly and then close. Both email and the Internet are very expensive. Don't fall into the whirl

Focus on entertainment:

  • What activities do you recommend to foreigners? Get local guides and rediscover the main attractions of your city.
  • Add some drama to your life. Take part in summer blockbusters, self-driving movies, live theatre performances, or eat a much-anticipated book.
  • Athletic? Participate in large leagues, find swimming pools, water parks or recreation areas, or plan personalized city hiking or cycling trips.
  • Relax at local museums, art galleries, historical sites, science centers and zoos. In Toronto, your library offers free tickets.
  • If you are near open water, consider boating. Spend a good day in the waves, rent a kayak, take a sailing lesson or book a ferry trip.
  • In the community park, meet up with family and friends and enjoy an old-fashioned picnic or barbecue. Bring refreshments, toys and games to keep everyone busy and content.
  • Gourmets will snap up new/favorite restaurants, and social butterflies are likely to like concerts, bar crawls or nightclubs.
  • Arrange a day trip and explore places outside the city. Find cheap and thrilling things in the amusement park, sample local wine tours, soak up the sun at nearby beaches or take a short break at the local farmers market.

Staying is not synonymous with deprivation. Break the rules and guide the insiders, don't waste time! You can work again and be energized – there is still money in your pocket. This may be the best vacation you have ever had.

What is your favorite accommodation activity? How do you plan to enjoy your hometown life in the summer of 2013?

Cultural Paradise – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum is close to Mumbai's iconic landmark, the gateway to India. In the complex Mumbai, it covers 3 acres and is planted with palm trees and decorative flower beds. It was formerly the Prince of Wales Museum, which was founded in 1920. At the beginning of the year, to commemorate the visit to Mumbai [Mumbai], then Prince of Wales. In the 1990s, the founder of the Malawi Empire, Shivaji, was renamed, and Mumbai was renamed Mumbai, giving up all colonial associations.

This three-story basalt stone is built in a variety of styles [mainly Indian Salars and West Indies] with a prominent white central dome surrounded by small pinnacles surrounded by small circles. Top, there are two domes at each end of the building. The interior layout is a combination of Mughal, Maratha and Jain architectural features. This first-class heritage building has 12,143 square meters of exhibition space and other spaces. A renovation project in 2008 added an area of ​​2,800 square meters for new galleries, facilities and seminar spaces. The purpose of the museum is to raise awareness of the extraordinary cultural heritage of India.

With the many contributions of individuals, the museum has grown over time, with a rich collection of permanent collections of 50,000 works of art, archaeology and natural and historical artifacts. The important donations from Sir Purushottam Mavji in 1915, the private collections of Sir Ratan and Dora Tata in 1921 and 1933 made the museum an important part of the city's cultural life. Other interesting collections include wood specimen exhibitions that grew during the Mumbai presidency from the 17th to the 20th century, the Marine Heritage Gallery [the first of its kind in India], precious miniature collections and illustrated palm leaf manuscripts [dating back to 11th and 20th century]. Mughal, Rajasthan, Pahali and Deccan styles for 12 centuries; the 17th century famous Hindu legend Ramayana manuscript from Mewar is a special ivory part with the Gupta period [AD 320] -550 years] of artifacts, ancient textiles, metal and clayware; porcelain and jade articles of Japan and China, European paintings, works of Nepal and Tibet, artifacts of the Indus Valley civilization and Buddhist artifacts are many of the various civilizations of the Indian subcontinent Other artifacts.

The natural history of the museum shows the wildlife of India through diorama and other teaching methods.

In addition to permanent collections, the museum also displays temporary collections and serves as a cultural and educational centre to disseminate information through seminars and other promotional programs.