Costa Rica Car Rental Companies Guide 2015

Guide to Costa Rica car rental companies

2015 rate comparison

Car rental in Costa Rica is your chance to explore the remote beaches and quiet corners of this beautiful country. Travel is not restricted by public transport schedules, and group travel is free. For unprepared travellers; however, car rental costs and services can have a big impact on your vacation budget.

Vacation car rental is probably the most expensive part of your budget, so it's important to understand the terms and management expectations. The information below is not an exhaustive brochure, but should provide an informed decision on your car rental needs in Costa Rica.

Why is car rental so expensive?

Visitors outside Costa Rica are often surprised by the cost of renting a car. Although hotel rooms, restaurant bills, and package tours cost less than the price paid at home, it seems strange that car rental should be higher.

There are two simple reasons for this high cost:

  1. All vehicles in Costa Rica are imported and taxed. Because of this heavy tax, the cost of buying a car is higher than in other industrialized countries. Some car rental operators rent old cars to reduce costs.
  2. Cost of compulsory insurance [see below].

Factors affecting car rental costs

Compulsory insurance

Third party insurance is required by law and may be called TPI, PDW [Partial Damage Waiver], SLI [Supplemental Liability Insurance] and other abbreviations. Car rental operators must charge customers for this coverage, and the quotations they receive may not be clear.

Insurance itself is not a problem. After all, many other countries require car hires to pay mandatory insurance; including: New Zealand, Italy, and Mexico, and many states in the United States, such as California. The controversial issue in Costa Rica is that this fee has not always been clearly displayed on the car rental operator's website or offer. Customers will then find the additional cost of the rental upon arrival.

The cost of compulsory insurance varies from company to company and also depends on the type of car hired. Small cars can cost as little as $ 12 a day, while premium 4×4 vehicles can cost as much as $ 25 a day. This is a cost other than rent.

Credit cards in North America usually provide additional car insurance to credit card holders, so North Americans in particular can pay for insurance without paying rent. However, no credit card can meet this insurance requirement.

Please ask if the given quote includes third-party insurance and check the price on the car rental operator's website.

Collision damage waiver

This is not insurance but exemption. The basic level will come with different deductibles, but may be as high as $ 1,500. For higher daily rates, a zero deduction CDW can be purchased to reduce the financial liability of the tenant in the event of vehicle damage or theft.

Many renters will get a CDW through a credit card. However, it is worth noting that the responsibility for making any insurance claim should be borne by the customer and not by the car rental operator. Some tenants may choose to purchase additional internal coverage to avoid this liability.

There are car rental companies that sell their coverage plans with reassurance, but in the end it's the renter's decision. It is worth remembering that, like in other parts of the world, employees of car rental companies sometimes earn insurance sales commissions.

If the customer's credit card does not provide CDW, the customer will be required to purchase this internal insurance.

Car rental operators require the customer's credit card to provide written proof of the CDW. Ask car rental operators what they need and in what form for the exact details. Some people may accept emails forwarded by credit card companies, but others may require a hard copy to be presented at the time of the lease.


The amount of deposit required will depend on whether the customer chooses to use the car rental operator's internal CDW or obtain this coverage through a credit card. If the internal CDW is rejected, a higher deposit is expected to be paid. The deposit may also depend on the model of the car being rented. This amount will remain on the tenant's credit card until the end of the lease period, ranging from $ 750 to $ 3,500. The deposit can take up to five days to be refunded to the car's refunded credit card. Some car rental companies accept debit cards as a deposit, but this amount of return time can take weeks.

Make sure you make sure your margin is calculated in your vacation budget, as accidentally holding thousands of dollars on a credit card can severely cut vacation spending.

Airport tax

Customers who rent a car from a car rental operator's counter inside the airport building must pay airport tax.

Car rental operators with a counter at San Jose Santa Maria International Airport [SJO] are: Alamo / Country, Budget, USD, Economy and Hertz. These companies will increase taxes on rents by 12%.

Car rental operators with counters at Daniel Audubel Kiros International Airport [LIR] are: Avis, Budget and Economy. These companies will add a 3% tax on rent.

To avoid this tax, please take the airport shuttle with the car rental operator to an office located outside the airport grounds.

Surcharges and other taxes

Car rental operators may charge a number of other mandatory fees that may be added to the cost of the lease, displayed on the screen or in a quote, or left undisclosed until the customer arrives. These potential hidden costs seem small when viewed individually, but these are usually daily rates, so they accumulate quickly!

These may include:

License plate fee : Less than $ 2 per day, but varies between companies.

Environmental tax : Less than $ 1 per day.

sale tax : All sales transactions in Costa Rica are subject to a 12% government sales tax.

Car wash fee : Bringing back a very dirty car, cleaning fees may be added to the final payment. A car rental operator charges $ 20 for this extra service.

Fuel costs : If the amount of fuel in the fuel tank does not reach the level at the beginning of the lease period, the car rental company will charge a fee [usually added to the nearest eighth of the fuel tank]. This fee is determined by the car rental operator and is not restricted by the fuel price set by the government at any gas station.

Where should I book a car?

For travelers booking a car, the general confusion is that there is a difference between an international car rental operator website and the Costa Rican website of the same brand. Often, international websites do not know or disclose the insurance, taxes and surcharges that will be collected at the counter. This may be due to the fact that many of Costa Rica's recognized car rental operator brands are not foreign branches of the brand's car rental operators, but rather franchise agencies. This factor is also worth considering in terms of customer service expectations and other better details. Costa Rica's franchise office may have its own operating style, except for the same policies and guidelines that customers may experience in other parts of the world.

Understandably, it is best to book online through a local website rather than an international website. Many companies do not have a local website. In this case, please check the details with your local staff by phone and ask for a written confirmation of the quote. Experience with live chat on international websites has shown that despite training employees [usually in the United States] about the terms and conditions of the parent company; they understand the policies that Costa Rica must adhere to.

Compare Cars

In May / June 2013, I compared the pricing and services of a number of car rental operators in Costa Rica and published my findings. To my surprise, the article is still frequently copied on the Internet, suggesting that it is still useful and needs to be updated. The prices for comparison were obtained in December 2014 and January 2015.

ICT [Costa Rica Institute of Tourism] states that there are 30 registered car rental operators and 8 are awaiting approval. However, there are more agencies that rent out cars to tourists. The selected car rental operator is the one most commonly used by travelers:










Pay less



Toyota Automotive



Wild knight

Exclude companies from final comparison

Contacts have been made with Budget, Economy, Unpaid, and Toyota, but the four companies did not provide accurate online prices. The prices on the Economy and Budget website are uniform, regardless of the date entered, and customers need to book a vehicle to redeem the price shown. Unfortunately, Toyota's website only runs until March. Other than that, the price for the rest of the year is shown as $ 0. Payless has the following disclaimer on its website: "Taxes and surcharges are beyond our control and are subject to change without notice."

Sending separate inquiries at each time period can lead to inconsistent results: When an email request is received, it is unlikely that the budget will provide the same price for all three survey time periods; different staff members on the same date for economic reasons The quotes are different. The email quotes that Toyota and the prices displayed online after March do not match the March quotes [maybe the email quotes include taxes and fees that are not displayed online]. Payless can provide quotes via email and phone, but it does not match the prices in different seasons.

Just exclude Avis from the price comparison, as there are no SUV mid-range cars in their fleet.

Compare information

Based on this week's location from San Jose / Alajuela [not from the airport].

Calculate the rate once a week and divide by 7 to provide an easily comparable daily cost. Since not all pricing is completely transparent, prices should be as accurate as possible based on information provided by the car rental operator. Website, phone and / or email. These figures do not include airport taxes.

Shoulder season [quotation from July 13th to 20th]

1. $ 43.37

2.Service $ 54.92

3.Fox $ 55.64

4.Hertz $ 58.17

5. Adob ​​$ 60.13

6.Alamo $ 60.99

7. Wilderness Knight $ 62.86

8.USD $ 63.35

9. Vamos $ 64.15

10.National $ 67.04

11.Frugality $ 74.39

Low season [quotations from May 13 to 20]

1.National $ 37.04

2.USave $ 43.37

3.US $ 46.49

4. Adob ​​$ 52.57

5.Wamos $ 53.15

6.Service $ 53.49

7.Hertz $ 54.59

8.Fox $ 55.64

9. Wilderness Knight $ 55.71

10.Alamo $ 60.99

11.Frugality $ 74.39

High season [quotations from March 13th to 20th]

1. $ 55.92

2.USave $ 56.22

3.Hertz $ 56.37

4.Fox $ 59.36

5.Frugality $ 64.69

6.Service $ 66.63

7.Vamos $ 67.14

8.Alamo $ 69.56

9. Crazy Knight $ 70.00

10. Adobe $ 70.63

11.National $ 73.90

Comparison summary

Interestingly, in contrast, there is no obvious expensive or cheap company. The level difference between seasons has been marked, and customers should consider vacation dates when choosing a car rental operator. For example, "Frugality" is the most expensive in both the off-season and off-season, but only ranks fourth in the peak season.

Equally important, prices are inconsistent with the rankings of car rental operators in other car categories. For example, Vamos' premium season cars are the cheapest on the shoulder season; although they don't rank first in the mid-range category, Adobe, which looks competitive during this time and in the car category, The most expensive.

Car rental operator information

Adobe Rent-A-Car is a local car rental operator with 11 offices across the country. The site is simple to use and has no obvious hidden costs. Mandatory insurance costs are shown as part of the online quote. The company received mixed reviews online, but positive reviews far outweighed negative reviews. Emails will receive a response within 24 hours, but may not fully answer the questions asked.

Toll-free number: 1-855-861-1250

Child seat: $ 3 per day

Booster: $ 1 / day

Extra driver: $ 3 / day

GPS system: $ 9 / day

Alamo works with National, with 13 offices across the country. Like many well-known businesses, Alamo Costa Rica is a franchise store, not an Alamo branch. Third-party insurance and basic CDW are included in the online quote, but CDW may be rejected if a guarantee is issued through the customer's credit card. At first glance, this makes the price seem high, especially when different from other car rental operators, Alamo includes airport tax in its online offer, so its price is honest, but therefore higher than other companies many. Pricing varies on the company's international website, although the terms and conditions do state what will be paid on arrival. This price difference is the main reason for negative reviews of the company. Email will be responded within 24 hours.

Toll-free number: 1-855-533-1196

Child seat: $ 3 per day

Extra driver: $ 6 / day

GPS system: $ 12 / day

The Avis website is obliged to choose a car protection option, but it cannot display the final quote total or price of the coverage selected online before sending the email quote. Insurance costs can be obtained by clicking on the "Protection Instructions" option. At the bottom of the screen.

No toll-free number

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 5 / day

GPS system: $ 9.99 / day

Budget has an easy-to-use website, but the price given is the same for all seasons, which indicates that it is incorrect. Email responses are usually fast, but some responses have not been answered. Email quotes show that prices for all seasons are the same as for the website. Mandatory insurance is not included in the online quote, but small print indicates that payment should be made at the counter. Budget receives mixed online reviews.

No toll-free number, but offers live chat

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 5 / day

GPS system: $ 14.99 / day

The US dollar exchange rate seems very competitive, but if vehicles are to be collected from airport counters, airport taxes will be levied. People may find this in their terms and conditions, but not in online quotes. For very dirty vehicles, a car wash fee will be charged. There are four offices in Liberia and San Jose. Email reply within 24 hours. Dollar has received mixed reviews on online travel forums.

Toll-free number: 1-877-767-8651

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 5 / day

GPS system: $ 9 / day

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has twelve offices across the country. They do not have a Costa Rica website. Scroll down their page to find and click on insurance costs. Airport taxes are not included in the offer. The email will receive a quick response or no response at all. In Costa Rica, the economic reputation of any large car rental operator is the worst on the web.

Toll-free number: 1-877-326-7368

Child seat: $ 10 per day

Extra driver: $ 10 per day

GPS system: $ 15 / day

Fox works with USave. Offices are located at both international airports. Email will receive a response within 24 hours. Online reviews are usually poor.

Toll-free number: 1-800-225-4369

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Additional driver: $ 10 / day [unless there is a spouse]

GPS system: $ 9.99 / day

Hertz has six offices in the country. Reservations can be made through the Costa Rica website. The original online quote did not include sales tax but included CDW-although CDW may be exempted due to credit card coverage proof. Email will receive a response within 24 hours. Mediocre comments on the travel forum.

No toll-free number

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 13 / day

GPS system: $ 12 / day

National works in partnership with Alamo, with 30 offices across the country. The company has a Central American website as well as an international site that clearly displays price details. CDW is included in the online quote, but CDW is only available through mandatory insurance. Please note that airport taxes are also included in online quotes. Get instant answers to questions via live chat on their website. Reviews are mixed, but more positive than negative.

Make free calls through the website

Child seat: $ 6 per day

Booster: $ 6 per day

Extra driver: $ 5 / day

GPS system: $ 12 / day

Payless is part of an international car rental company and does not have a Costa Rica website. Online quotes do not include third-party insurance, although information can be found by reading the policies in San Jose. Emails receive a response in less than 24 hours, but tend to return to the site instead of new information. Comments are more than negative.

Toll-free number: 1-800-PAYLESS

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Booster: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 10 per day

GPS system: $ 9.95 / day

Services is a local company with five offices in the country. On other clear websites, click "Book Now." Instead of getting a quote for an online price check. Rember is the staff mentioned in the reviews in the travel forums, and because he is good for customer service, companies usually receive good reviews. Emails are answered within 24 hours and usually provide the requested information.

US phone number: 1-305-897-3718

Child seat: $ 3.50 per day

Extra driver: $ 3 / day

GPS system: $ 7.50 / day

Thrifty does not have a local website, so information is provided through international websites. Unless you click Protect Information, no coverage options or information about third-party insurance will be available on the booking page. Emails will receive a response within 24 hours, but may not answer location-specific questions. Reviews are often negative due to price complaints.

Toll-free number: 1-800-344-1705

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Booster: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 12 per day

GPS system: $ 11.99 / day

Toyota is a big name; however, even if their website looks professional at first glance, it simply doesn't work, or at least it doesn't work properly to get quotes later than March 2015. Their online quotes do not include sales tax. The email received a quick response, but quotes for different seasons seemed contradictory. However, Toyota enjoys a high reputation on the travel forum. Eight offices are located throughout the country.

Free phone option via website

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Cooler: $ 1.50 / day

Extra driver: $ 3 / day

GPS system: $ 10 / day

USave works with Fox and has three office locations. Insurance options for online quotes are shown, but must be selected and recalculated. Press and include it in the pricing. Email will receive a response within 24 hours. Despite some positive comments on the travel forum, the company's overall rating is poor.

Toll-free number: 1-800-467-3659

Child seat: $ 5 per day

Extra driver: $ 10 per day

GPS system: $ 9.95 / day

Vamos is a local company that has become a popular choice for Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet experts due to its customer service and price advantage. The site is easy to use and clearly shows itemized charges. The live chat option allows English speakers to get personalized quotes and answers instantly. The company has three offices.

Toll-free number: 1-800-950-8426

Child seat: Free

Booster: Free

Additional drivers: free

GPS system: $ 8 / day

Wild Rider is a small, local company based in San Jose. The site is simple, and third-party insurance is included in the price. Prices were not up-to-date at the beginning of the study, but have since been corrected. The car rental operator only got good reviews, so it stood out and was highly recommended by travel forum users. The owner Thorsten will respond to inquiries during office hours within one hour.

US phone number: 1-917-477-7712

Child seat: $ 5 per day

GPS system: $ 8 / day

Overall summary


Adobe, Alamo, National, Service, Vamos and Wild Rider offer clear and complete prices on their websites. Other car rental operators are less transparent in terms of surcharges or taxes, such as airport or business taxes. It is not always difficult to find the price of the extra fee, so you must contact Avis, Thrifty and Toyota for these details.


The level of communication has improved since the first comparison, although it seems wise to request a local phone number and confirm the answer with the Costa Rican office of an international car rental operator, as the international chat operator or the person responding to the email does not seem to be Always 100% confident in local policies and may even provide misinformation.

Be prepared to exchange a lot of emails with many companies to get the full answer to your question: This is especially prone to budgets and economics-a lot of information is needed to provide a quote. It's not unreasonable that employees working in a second language may miss parts of the email, so they can ask questions in a concise and clear language.

Live chat on the Budget and Vamos websites means that information is immediately available and still on file, unlike a phone call.


The comparison above shows that pricing between companies largely depends on the season and the type of car under consideration, rather than making a clear choice between high or low rents.

Customers need to consider the price of other items, such as additional drivers or GPS systems, and families will want to compare rental prices for car seats. Wild Rider offers the first additional driver for free, and Vamos does not charge any fees other than GPS, and international companies generally charge these extra fees more than these local companies.

Who should I rent from?

It is clear that when comparing their website and online reviews, local car rental operators still outperform the big names in terms of transparency and customer service. The difference from a few years ago is that pricing has become more difficult.

Adobe, Alamo and National appear to be highly rated among international car rental operators. It is worth noting that National is the most expensive in the middle season during the peak season and the cheapest in the low season. Adobe and Alamo have mid-range pricing.

Wild Rider is outstanding in the zero-point difference, but only in San Jose, the team is much smaller. Among other local companies, Service and Vamos are doing well, and Vamos' free extra services will attract budget-conscious travelers and families with children. The service also offers these additional services at a lower daily price.

Last but certainly not least …

If you've come all the way in this article, then you're ready to start researching your vacation rental car, get the facts, and be prepared to admit those really high prices! Have a wonderful [affordable] vacation in beautiful Costa Rica!

Phuket: the ideal destination for every traveler

Phuket has a number of attractions that attract a variety of travelers. Surfer hottie, beach enthusiasts and honeymooners are just a few of the tourists who visit this stunning destination every year. If you are one of them, then it is best to read on for more information.

Important facts about Phuket

This popular destination is the perfect combination of white sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, hospitality and natural wonders. Phuket is Thailand's largest island, 48 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide. This place is usually hot and humid all year round. No wonder many tourists like to visit this island to enjoy the weather and natural wonders. The island is known as a melting pot of different cultures, such as Thai Chinese, Buddhists and Muslims. In addition, you can have a good day with family and friends, such as water skiing, parasailing, yachting, diving, snorkeling and swimming. You can also go water skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing and free diving. If you want to go on a food tour, don't miss the chance to taste different Thai foods such as Khanom Jin, Nam Phrik Kung Siap and other hearty dishes.

Where to go and what to do

1. Patong Beach-If you are in Phuket, don't forget to visit the most famous beach resort on the island. Here you can spend a variety of activities. In the evening, the entire beach is vibrant, with bars, restaurants and discos. Patong Beach offers many wonderful things for the whole family. From here, you can easily reach other tourist attractions on the island.

2. Wat Chalong-Wat Chalong is one of Thailand's most famous landmarks. It is the largest temple on the island. As you enter the temple, you will see various images of the Buddha and different icons in Buddhist and Thai mythology. Every year, thousands of tourists head to the island to watch this wonderful landmark. This charming temple is the spiritual center of the island, which is why many locals and tourists visit Chalong Temple.

3. Phuket Old Town-This famous landmark is one of the greatest evidence that the Chinese and Europeans conquered the island more than a hundred years ago. As you stroll around the town, you will see charming Chinese shop houses and Sino-Portuguese architecture. This old town is also a place of beautiful hotels, restaurants and bars. The textile, printing and gold business is here.

Indeed, there are many interesting things to do in this beautiful destination. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, you will have fun in Phuket. It is best to go to the island all year round. If you are concerned about your stay, there are various affordable hotels on the island. The cost of living here is lower compared to other luxury destinations. You can expect the prices of the goods here to be affordable.

Discover the flora and fauna of beautiful Vanuatu

Lovers of nature and wildlife are very lucky when choosing a resort. When you want to see flora and fauna, there are always new places to travel, you can enjoy the scenery, you can explore the scenery. In addition to a beautiful tropical island resort and all the luxury goods offered by world-class hotels and resorts, Vanuatu should be your next destination for exploring interesting and unique native bushes, flora and fauna.

Book your stay in Vanuatu and see some iconic plants and birds.

Fish poison tree

Fish poison tree is a medium-sized tree, up to 25m high, and is named for its common name. The tree produces a box-shaped fruit that, like coconuts, spreads in ocean currents and lives at sea for up to 15 years.

Every part of this tree is toxic, and the fruit is powerful enough that its seeds are usually used to kill fish, which is easily captured by suffocation, so it is still edible.

Royal Parrot

The parrot [Royal Parrotfinch] is one of Vanuatu's native birds and usually appears in small groups in the forest canopy. Conservation breeding programs have been ensuring the survival of this brightly coloured finch, especially in the Letas Lake Reserve in Goa, northern Vanuatu.

Fan Palm, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Fan Palm is a small, slender palm tree native to Vanuatu with unique leaves similar to a folded paper fan. This small plant grows to ten feet high, but because it is a popular "exotic", it is usually planted close to six feet. There are characteristic plants in many gardens.

Maple tree

You may encounter Mape Tree on several different holidays in the South Pacific; this evergreen tropical tree is native to Fiji, New Guinea Papa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu and has a history of use by the people of Polynesia and Melanesia. The bark and leaves are used medicinally, and the branches are good firewood. Maple wood is often used for carving and craftsmanship, making canoes, tools, and various small building parts.

Spend a week in Vanuatu and experience the beauty of the local flora and fauna. Take an ecotour during your stay and travel anywhere from Lololima Waterfalls to Mount Yasur Volcano and all the islands in between! Book with a local ecotourism guide and enjoy a wonderful and in-depth journey-when you book available travel packages, ask your resort or hotel.

Zermatt, Eternal Alpine Snow and Swiss Peep

Mont Blanc is proud of the highest Alps. At the foot of the Matterhorn and Zermatt villages are one of the most vivid reproductions of photography.

When I first saw Matterhorn from the ground, I was looking at the solid flames. One who saw me looking at me in awe said, "You can climb on it," as if nothing. I laughed … not to laugh at him, but to laugh at me. I dare not try.

In Zermatt and elsewhere, locals show their skills by climbing the Matterhorn. Although, many fell numerous times. The locals have climbed more than 300 times. Her wife shrugged. "Not many times," she said. "This mountain has nowhere to go. It stays there, and only those who have no job [also meaning worthless people] can climb."

Zermatt has no cars. Cog trains and horse-drawn sleds can be transported. Sitting on a sleigh on the toilet, the sleigh is a small folded blanket surrounded by eternal snow, which is one of the most romantic things.

Zermatt's narrow streets, hotels and inns have a relaxed historical atmosphere, sporting goods shops, boutiques, jewellery shops and the best watch shops and cases in the world. One wonderful thing about Zermatt is food. No matter the size, size, cheap or expensive of the cafe or restaurant where we stopped, this place was spotless. Everything is unique, every table is full of flowers. The food here is of high quality and some Swiss wines are at least on par with French wines. Among locals, most lunchtime costs include soup, salad, sausage and potatoes, and of course "Bill" in long, thick cups with thick foam on top.

Unlike other small towns I have visited before, Zermatt has a large number of tourists all year round, including many young people. You must be young and agile like a goat to be able to climb anything.

Swiss people are not just climbers. They also enjoy the Alpine Festival, William Tell's plays, Yoder, Swiss wrestling, beer sausages, but they have direct democracy with 25 sovereign states, and the differences between villages are huge. In some parts of Switzerland, the language is French, because in some places, the language is German. In a state near the Italian Alps, they also speak Italian. But don't worry, most Swiss people know several languages, and quite a few of them speak fluent English.

Winter in Switzerland is a fairy tale, especially at night. Snowflakes Falling snowflakes blur other lights as they gather everywhere, even on steep roofs. Everything becomes softer, magical and gentle.

Just like heavy snow covers mountains, rocks, boulders, ridges, and rock faces, maybe people also need to deal with hard things, sharp things, puzzling things to alleviate their internal discomfort, especially on mountain peaks Pull them deeper and deeper when they are attractive and force them to create something to produce a feeling of elation and fulfillment.

This is why Swiss women must create such exquisite shoe laces and embroidered clothing, while their companions are among the best in Switzerland when it comes to watchmaking when it snows. Someone must count in the white loneliness of the Alps at night.

Bhutan-Is it really worth visiting this expensive country?

Bhutan has many magnificent views, delightful religious groups, some incredible luxury accommodations and peaceful and peaceful surroundings. Bhutan travels between India and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and is covered by important valleys in the eastern Himalayas. Bhutan is known for being a small heaven on earth. In recent years, the country has attracted more tourists with the introduction of advanced innovations, taverns and Wi-Fi. However, there is a place to visit Bhutan. You cannot access it like any other destination. If you are looking for a Bhutan tour group from Mumbai, you will find it difficult to find a Bhutan tour group, you must do it through the Bhutan travel manager. Visitors must also pay a mandatory fee of $ 250 per day, which is about INR 17,000, which is expensive for a single day! Having said that, if you are all planning to travel to Bhutan in the near future, here is what you need to know.

Schedule travel time during the festival

When you pay $ 250 a day to any government, you should definitely do your best! Make the most of every opportunity to make your visit a fun thing. Bhutan's festivals are generally presented with delightful moving art and the best traditional costumes worn by nearby Bhutanese. Certain festivals, such as Paro Tsechu, attract a lot of people. To make your work more comfortable, you might consider attending less clear festivals. Smaller festivals are held at different times of the year, attracting the attention of people from all over the place.

Keep an eye on the peak season

April, October and November are mostly peak periods for Bhutan. If you are considering passing through Bhutan midway through these particular months, you should book your flight and hotel at least two months before you determine your travel date, as you can try to book a flight or even choose a decent room.

Thinking about homestay

This may be a more realistic approach than staying in a hotel. Although Bhutan has comfortable 3-star hotels and offers all the necessary facilities, you can experience it anywhere. If you're happy with it, then Bhutan's homestay can't be better. Having a host family will allow you to participate directly in the daily life of a Bhutanese family. In any case, it is important to note that most homes do not use hot showers, central heating or Wi-Fi.

So yes, Bhutan trips may not be the most luxurious trips, and with a tag of $ 250 per day, you may wonder why not choose a vacation package in India and visit parts of Northeast India, some of which have similar Features and lifestyle But please believe me, Bhutan is a completely different country. In terms of their culture, they are a group of proud people. On the planet you will find that they are one of the kindest people, mainly because of their Religious education.

Delhi Trip-Capital of India

Delhi is India's second-largest metropolis, surrounded by the Yamuna River, and west of it is Aravalli Hills. As the country's capital, Delhi holds great political and legislative significance. The capital is rich in colorful culture, architecture and human diversity, so a curse is created for tourists enjoying a carefree trip to Delhi. The city has a long history of various kings and their dynasties, its precious monuments, countless love, religion and outstanding empire landmarks decorate the city, making India's trip to Delhi a precious memory.

Whether it is the ancient Meena bazaar in Old Delhi, the largest mosque in India-Jama Masjid, or even the Victorian-style buildings in New Delhi, the city is always full of life and color. Vibrant New Delhi is also known as Lutyen's Delhi, named after British architect Edwin Lutyens, who designed Delhi's famous legislative buildings including the Indian Parliament. Located in the heart of the city, it has the impressive Rajaphat Capitol structure and is connected to the India Gate, so a series of elegant Victorian buildings make the trip to New Delhi an inspiring experience.

India, the cosmopolitan city, is also the head of the Indian government and is therefore an important business and tourism destination. The city has a variety of high-quality hotels to make Delhi's trip the most comfortable. These hotels in Delhi, India are effectively decorated with numerous facilities that overwhelm India's hospitality and reach international standards, thus providing guests with the most satisfactory accommodation.

These hotels also offer guests impeccable choices of city sightseeing services and make their city tours the most enjoyable. These Delhi hotels are divided into Delhi luxury hotels, business hotels, budget hotels, eco-friendly hotels and budget hotels, so guests can choose a hotel that suits their budget and preferences.

This trip to the national capital of India is undoubtedly a life-long unforgettable journey. The city shows a variety of cultural heritage, so it fully displays a mini India. Visit the city to enjoy the picturesque tree-lined avenues, splendid old buildings, ancient monuments and many high-rise buildings.

Delhi has almost all the famous large hotel chains in its territory, so it is expected to bring you a comfortable and enjoyable trip to Delhi. Guests should book any hotel in Delhi and expect the perfect hospitality. These hotels are the perfect place to enjoy a city tour with a glimpse into the bubbly lifestyle and lively spirit of New Delhi.

Benefits of hiring a travel agency

One of the most interesting things you can't miss in your life is going abroad for a holiday. It's exciting to want to go to another place to see these places and encounter a whole new lifestyle. However, organizing the hassle of an entire trip can also be difficult. This frees you up more energy that you could have used to complete more waiting. If you are located in California and are considering vacation time only, we recommend working with Los Angeles Travel.

Many people worry about the cost of finding a travel society. However, only professional travellers know that hiring such a broker can bring you more benefits and help make your entire vacation planning effortless. To highlight some of the benefits of dealing with a Los Angeles travel agency, here are some key points:

1. Travel companies understand their business. Many travel agencies connect with hotels, airlines and tour guide networks. When you use them, they contact them based on their right ideas, simplifying the process of organizing the entire trip.

2. Travel agents assist in processing records. If you are a first-time visitor and you are unfamiliar with document specifications, it is recommended to work with a travel company. These people fully understand the needs of each country and they know how to get them quickly. With a travel agency, you can save time doing your homework and handle everything more efficiently.

3. Travel agencies always have an emergency plan. Imagine what went wrong when you organized a holiday yourself. Changing your plan while abroad is not easy, and you don't know who to contact for help. With a travel company, you just tell them the problem and they plan to save you time.

4. Most travel companies provide insurance. The best way to ask a travel agency to arrange your vacation is to add an insurance plan. As a result, any serious events throughout the trip will be compensated. Without this insurance, it can be difficult to figure out what to do in the event of an unwanted event.

Los Angeles travel agencies may spend some extra cash based on your trip. However, they are effective for your safety and entertainment. Obviously, the advantages of working with Los Angeles travel agencies are worth the effort. Therefore, when you choose to take a vacation, you know who to call to enjoy the greatest pleasure on the go. Try to find the best agency to make your vacation worth the trip and do your best!

Jump into the spring of San Diego

The average spring temperature in San Diego is 68 degrees Celsius [20 degrees Celsius], making it an ideal place for your vacation, and it's the second largest city in California, so you can do a lot. San Diego is a beautiful and natural hilly city, with its unique appearance and many small and beautiful green land types for city residents and tourists to appreciate and explore.

Between February and April, travel to the famous Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the east of the county. In just two weeks of the year, parts of the desert park are filled with flowers, as wildflowers show their natural colors.

If you like some optimism, why not go for the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival in March? This parade gives everyone a wonderful time and will provide you with musical entertainment, the opportunity to watch some traditional Irish dance, eat like an Irishman; see their lives for centuries! Come and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us, we promise you a wonderful time!

Throughout the year, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park has many features and attractions [including animals, of course], why not visit the butterfly jungle and walk in African aviaries between April and May, and you will be amazed by the thousands Thousands of unique butterflies call this place home. Seeing these animals hang out outdoors, they behave like wild animals. Tickets from $ 40 can guarantee you to spend in the wild.

At the beginning of April, watching crazy fitness, maybe just crazy, takes you to Oceanside Harbor to start the California semi-triathlon; there, athletes start a difficult 1.2-mile swim before jumping on a bike and scenery at the Marine Corps base Beautiful place to step on an incredible 56 miles. As if that wasn't enough, the fearless competitor ran 13.1 miles off the coast north of the county seat before finishing the race.

Due to the size of the city, you can find top hotels in San Diego that can meet every budget. Prices start as low as $ 23 per person per night, depending on the venue you choose, and with more than 100 hotels in the city, your choice will be spoilt for choice.

11 reasons to add Sri Lanka to your travel list

Travel around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, from the beautiful Central Highlands to beautiful tropical beaches, attracting tourists from all over the world to this exquisite island, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The number of tourists visiting here is increasing every year, which is part of the reason for the increase.


The island is surrounded by the most beautiful tropical beaches, such as Unawatuna Beach, Bentota Lagoon, Arugam Bay on the Far East Coast, Mirissa Beach known as Paradise and Uppuveli are some of the best beach times you can visit during your visit in Sri Lanka.

Cultural heritage

Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and many cities across the country have rich cultural heritage and sites that you can visit and learn about. These places showcase 3000 years of history and the techniques used by ancient Sri Lankans during that period.

wild animals

Sri Lanka is a country with many national parks and forest reserves. Some of them are Yala National Park, where you can see more than 30 mammals and more than 200 birds. The Wasgam National Park is also known for its wild elephants. It is located in the Sinhalaga Forest Reserve in the central northern province, where you can see all kinds of birds. You can see birds and many rare trees. More national parks and reserves can be found here. Nature lovers and nature photographers will love the scenery in these places.

Cave trip

You can discover the mysteries hidden in the caves by visiting cave tours such as Batatotalena, Belilena Cave, Wavulpone Cave, Mahalenama Cave, etc. You can find these caves in the central and southern hills of these islands.

rock climbing

The central guy in Sri Lanka has many natural rock formations in areas such as Sigiriya, Dambulla, Adam's Peak, and the Knuckles. The surrounding natural scenery also adds more adventurous spirit to the climbing challenge.

Walk through the rainforest

Walking in the rainforest of Sri Lanka, you will see different kinds of birds, butterflies and insects, although you will have to watch out for spiders and snakes.

Train travel

It is said that many people who have been here travel by train across the country as a comfortable and compelling journey. The route from Colombo to Polonaruwa to Kandy-Ella is incredibly cheap.

Festival Activities

Sri Lanka is also a multicultural country, so there are many colorful festivals and cultural events. At different times of the year, we can see Vesak, Esala Perahera, Sinhala-Tamil New Year and many other cultural festivals.

Sri Lankan

The food here has a special flavor. It is made from a variety of spices and has a unique and rich flavor. There are many different hotels and restaurants offering a variety of local dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You can have a great time with the locals because they are known for their warm and friendly people. Many tourists who have visited the country say that locals from Sri Lanka are always willing to redouble their efforts.

Places to visit at any time of the year

The tropical weather in Sri Lanka rarely makes a brilliant holiday because of the warm and sunny weather. The weather in each area of ​​the island is different, so you can visit it all year round.

After reading this article, don't forget to add Sri Lanka to your travel list.

Top 10 Romantic Tours for Under $5,000

Want to get rid of all this? And you don't have the entire checking account to squander? Ok, my friends don't have to worry, unfortunately, we can't be millionaires. However, when it is necessary to share that special holiday with someone you love, many of us have no time to book and plan that special trip. However, this does not mean that you and your lover do not have many good places to escape. To better help you make a decision, here are the top 10 romantic tours below $5,000!

1. Maui, Hawaii: When staying at Kihei Bay Vista, you can relax on the romantic Maui Beach, a full-featured and well-equipped resort offering high-thread count sheets and a large number of beautifully appointed rooms. Meal service. Online packages, including airfare and four days and four nights, start at around $765 per person – about $1,500. The full cost you pay is a food and a car rental on the island.

2. Cancun, Mexico: One of the most pristine, cleanest and most beautiful barrier reef islands, attracts you and your loved ones to the strip resort, which is full of nightlife and rich history. The online package will cost you approximately $850 per person, including airfare and four nights of hotel accommodation.

3. Miami, Florida: Take your other half to one of the most popular and romantic places in the world, spend a day at Disneyland, no children. Miami is a destination city with countless miles from hundreds of islands. The online package costs about $600 per person, including airfare and a nice hotel room.

4. Aspen, Colorado: Go on a different, snowy romantic retreat to the Rocky Mountains and then take a romantic ski trip. In the iconic mountainside resort accommodation [including the cable car pass], in a four-day itinerary [including flights], each person can only eat about $600 wallet.

5. Newport Beach, California: Maybe this is one of the cheapest ways to get rid of it – you can easily find dozens of great vacation packages for a seaside resort, including airfare and four-night logging. Each person is online for about $500.

6. Acapulco, Mexico: Maybe a cheaper destination than Paris or Venice, you can easily find a lot of all-inclusive deals for destination resorts online. The price of the package ranges from approximately $600 to $800 per person, including a four-night art exhibition at the Riviera in Mexico.

7. Santiago: One of the most popular romantic resorts in the world is waiting for you. You won't be able to find more online offers than here. A five-day package that includes your flight, car rental and beautiful resort hotel rooms, starting at around $600 per person.

8. San Francisco: A city just a few hundred dollars from the bay, where culture, beautiful beaches and five-star restaurants attract you to say hello. Enjoy a romantic getaway for two people at a price of around $600-$800, including your flight and five nights of hotel rooms.

9. Paris, France: Perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world, rich culture and an active society will appeal to almost everyone. Of course, such an exotic destination will never have an exotic price tag. Online packages, including airfare and hotel accommodation – 7 days and 7 nights – starting at $1,850 per person.

10. Venice, Italy: Walking through one of the oldest known cities in the world, it will never become romantic again. Of course, riding along many water-filled canals and being studded are also piled up for many reasons – including art galleries – why go to Venice. However, to enjoy Italy, each person will need about $1,900, including airfare and hotel accommodation for a week.