Haunted Hotel in California

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are many places that claim unexplained events that can only be attributed to lost souls. For some people, experiencing such an event or bravely trying to be an unknown person is as exciting as riding a roller coaster or skydiving. If you are the person, here is a list of California haunted houses where you can spend the night and try your luck to find the ghost. These hotels have a history of murder, suicide, accidental death, former employees and former guests, and if you dare, you may be lucky to meet.

Queen Mary – Long Beach

Queen Mary was the luxury ocean liner of the 1940s in the 1940s, and was once transported as a cruise ship and a unit of World War II. Today, Queen Mary has become a hotel and tourist destination, and it is said that there are many ghosts. The stern's infirmary lists evidence of many deaths on board. The most recorded ghost is the ghost of John Pedder, who was shattered and killed in 1966 by a watertight door. In the cabin, it was clamped on the 13th door during the safety drill. He is known for promoting and touching people in excursions in the area. Another hotbed of spiritual activity is in the empty pool on the boat, and many Queen employees have heard the sounds of splashing and splashing by adults and children.

Marmont Castle and Hollywood Roosevelt – Hollywood

For decades, Marmont Castle and Hollywood Roosevelt have been the meeting place for Hollywood celebrities. In 1982, John Belushi was found dead in the room of Chateau Marmont. Since then, unexplained random hoaxes have been attributed to the former Bruce brothers. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is said to be a problem for many people in Hollywood history. Although no one died there, people thought they liked the hotel very much, so they chose this hotel as a place to come. Witnesses included Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn and an unknown girl in blue. The trouble with Room 928 is particularly attributable to Montgomery Clift.

Queen Anne Hotel – San Francisco

The Queen Anne Hotel is a historic Victorian mansion located near San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, in 1890. Its original purpose was to provide shelter for girls, but in the past few decades it has served multiple purposes. After the official opening of the boutique hotel in the mid-1990s, hotel staff and guests reported incidents and witnesses, believed to be Mary Lake, the late hostess of the Girl House in the 1890s. Most accounts can be linked to Room 410, which was then known as her residence.

Del Coronado Hotel – Santiago

Hotel Del Coronado is an exquisite Victorian hotel built in 1888 and is an upscale resort for those who can afford luxury. This historic landmark is a must-see attraction for anyone coming to San Diego. It is said that at least one, or even several entities, are bothering the hotel. In 1892, on the stairs of the hotel, the body of a woman was killed by a gun. A few days ago, she signed in as Kate Morgan. The news about Kate is little known. It is said that she waited for her lover who never showed up in Room 3327, so she spent her life. The conspiracy is still full of the fact that she was pregnant and murdered, and Kate Morgan is not her real name – the perfect trilogy of supernatural suspense. Some even think that anyone other than Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood blockbusters may be troubled by this hotel. Some like it Photographed in Del with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Furnace Creek Inn – Death Valley

The Furnace Creek Inn offers the only luxury accommodation in Death Valley. People think that the 199 bungalow is in use. No one can determine who is who, but can assume that it is the entity of James Marques. Mr. Mark eventually resigned from the hotel in 1973 due to illness. Although he did not die in the Furnace Creek Inn or even Death Valley, it is believed that he mentally returned to the place he loved.

National Hotel – Jamestown

The National Hotel is a classic 1800s hotel located in the once thriving gold rush town of Jamestown. Like all 49er towns in California, few residents are wealthy, most are bankrupt, and there is a lot of struggle and heartache in the middle. One such story is the story of Flo, who is now aimlessly roaming the lobby of the National Hotel. There is a lot of speculation about Flo, she doesn't even know if she is a hotel guest or a worker. There are rumors that her lover was drunk and shot or left to the gold mine and never returned, she died in the heart of the hotel. Choose the one you like the most. She was mainly on the second floor of the hotel, where guests reported that she was crying at night.

Gray Whale Hotel – Fort Bragg

Grey Whale Inn is a classic old redwood hotel located in the heart of several attractions on the North Shore. It was originally a hospital from 1915 to 1971. It is believed that many former patients remain in the inn as spiritual entities. In the reported troubles, a woman roamed in the garden, and a man jumped up and down in the second floor window and even died. No one knows who these ghosts might be because there are so many ghosts passing through the door during the hospital.

These are not all haunted hotels in California, and they do not contain the evil thief elements usually depicted in movies. In fact, most people are described as naughty, playful or sad. Few guests report the presence or discovery of these ghosts, but open your eyes and sleep, maybe you will be lucky to find one. Whether looking for proof of the afterlife or simply looking for an ideal place to stay, all of these hotels and guesthouses are highly rated and a beautiful choice for overnight stays.