Make the most of your vacation

Trying to control the expenses this summer? This year, give up expensive vacations and choose cheap and happy accommodation. If you plan and work harder, accommodation can be a surprisingly interesting option. Reduce everyday tedious work and schedule many exciting activities – your vacation will be a huge success! Delete routine: When you go abroad, […]

Hot Springs Day in the UK

1. The best spa day in Scotland Glasgow: City Spa Make sure you find the right spa treatment for you, and this day's spa will cater to your every need. If you are not sure which spa treatment to use, ask your beauty therapist to recommend the best spa treatment for your lifestyle. Using only […]

5 reasons to visit London, England

Are you an American interested in overseas travel? If so, have you determined your destination? Although you have many good destinations to choose from, you should double check in London, England. I heard that London, England is the ideal destination for your next trip abroad. It is very happy, you may want to know why. […]

How to extend the arrival visa (VOA) in Indonesia

I recently extended my Indonesian Entry Visa [VOA] in Bali. It took about a week to make three visits to the Immigration Service, costing Rp251,600, but it was much easier than leaving the country to get new immigrants. Fortunately for me, I live near the Singapore Immigration Service [hence the Singaraja], so the whole process […]

Egyptian art

If you are looking for a travel destination where you can see different art forms from the past, then Egypt may be a place. With their pyramids, architecture, statues, paintings, pottery, jewels, etc., you really can't be wrong. As we all know, the works of art discovered in Egypt are highly styled and symbolic. Many […]

Kerala Tour – Nature Tour

Kerala is located on the Malabar coast in southwestern India and the capital is Thiruvananthpuram. It is a tourist destination known for its stagnant water and Ayurvedic treatments. There are several beaches where you can enjoy the cool breeze and immerse yourself in the sea. Kovalam, Cherai, Varkala, Kappad, Muzhapipilangad and Bekal are some of […]

10 steps to travel cheaply in Europe

You have the opportunity to search for a ticket at least once, thinking that I guess I retired at the age of 65 and it will still be there. Don't be angry!! I will explain how to go to Europe's dream country at a price that is less than you think. Step 1. Forget your […]

Porter Hight Beach

In August 2007, in the past 100 years, even if not, it created a most wonderful scam to deceive Cornwall and even the entire United Kingdom. Have you heard of Porthemmet Beach? If so, then you may be deceived because it does not exist. Cambridge University graduate Jonty Haywood started the scam when he created […]