Welcome to Shropshire's "Little Switzerland" also known as Streton Church

The Streton Church in Shropshire was called "Little Switzerland" by Victorians. This is because of its beautiful hills and valleys.

Known as walker-friendly, Church Stretton even holds its annual walking festival every June.

The magnificent views of Church Stretton Golf Club are even clearer. This is the second highest golf course in England. They also have their own restaurant and bar, and can easily dine after a day of golf.

There are many attractions and activities near Church Stretton.

Take a step back while visiting Acton Scott's Historic Farm. Here you will see horses working in the field using old-fashioned farm equipment. They also stirred their butter and squeezed their milk. All these foods are used to prepare food provided by the farm.

"Wild Manor" is an Elizabethan manor built in 155. The manor has no furniture, but the interior decoration is exquisite. You will even see the beautiful wooden spiral staircase.

Horstock Historical Park and Follies are also nearby. This famous park is home to the TV series "The Chronicles of Narnia". The view of this park is unparalleled.

The magnificent castle nearby, Burnell castle, is also a frequent visit to Edward I.

This is one of the most natural and beautiful areas of England. Lovers of walking groups, gliders and hot air balloons can enjoy themselves. Here you can try all these adventure activities.

The area within 15 miles of Church Stretton lives up to its name. The beauty of this "Little Switzerland" is breathtaking. Church Stretton is a must-have for those who have the opportunity.