Mendocino-Movie Access

Filmed more than 40 films in Mendocino, a small town in Northern California. Some of these movies are a bit outdated, such as "at the same time next year", "42-year-old summer". They belong to the era when the United States is in a more distant and glorious place. Love and travel can evoke charm and romance, and we think this global village may be a moment for Disneyland.

Mendocino belongs to the same time, and this is not wrong. The artist colony is located 150 miles north of San Francisco and has no supermarkets, fast food chains or motels. However, the town has B & Bs. They are not cheap-a room costs at least $ 100, but Mendocino's location perches on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, making them the most romantic B & B in the United States. And, as a California bed and breakfast, hot tubs and wood-burning fireplaces are as automatic as unlimited coffee with breakfast.

The town was built by fugitives from the harsh winters of northeastern Maine and originally made a living from fishing and logging, surrounded by huge redwood forests. Most buildings have New England style buildings with white partitions. They are also filming "murder murders" here, but due to changes from the east coast to the west coast, they must be careful about the sunset location.

In the summer, tourists and fog are attracted to this town. It is best to come in the more refreshing and bright autumn or winter. The ocean is the dramatic, turbulent coast of Northern California-perfect for long hikes along the beach, but never swimming or sunbathing. In November, the town hosts a mushroom and wine festival, wine tasting and mushroom tasting, and fungal attack on the forest. Also in November, when the Arctic Grey Whales began to migrate south annually, the wooden water towns scattered throughout Mendocino provided an excellent viewing platform. Late January is "Crab and Wine Day" with more tastings and the opportunity to dance with crab fishermen.

During high season, many B & Bs require a minimum stay of three days. In such a small, secluded, and beautiful place, you can easily spend three days watching the ocean and waiting for the sunset. My journey started with an hour's walk around the headland, just minutes from the main street shops, on the high cliffs above the dark caves and on the smooth beige beach in the distance.

There are hiking trails all over the town, but you can save some time in the only public garden of the Mendocino Coastal Botanical Garden [Highway I-Tel: 707 964 4352] through spectacular ferns, fuschias and others Flora, walk a few miles north. Located directly on the ocean in the United States. Bring fungi throughout the garden during the Mushroom and Wine Festival.

Just about a mile north of the Craig Bragg's garden in the California Western Railroad, the steam train will be equipped with a steam engine for selected days to take you deep into the Redwood Forest. You can even pay extra and take a taxi with the engineer.

Back in Mendocino, the Kelly House Museum on the street is dedicated to the history of the Mendocino coast. Also on the street, the Ford House Museum will give you more information on more than thirty or so water towers that make the skyline so unique.

Many shops are quirky and unique: "Wind and Weather" is located in a water tower above Albion to show weather accessories; Papa Bird, also on Albion, represents organized bird walks and all birds Class of utensils. WilkesSport combines elegant men's and women's clothing with a gallery showing local art. Old records can be found on Main's Alphonso.

One of my best breakfasts ever was avocado guacamole and salsa omelet, served with freshly baked cranberry muffins, on the upper deck with locals at Bay View Café take out. Cozy town, full of hustle and bustle in the early morning, with beautiful views of wildflowers and the Royal Blue Pacific Ocean hundreds of yards away.

If you are visiting the botanical garden or taking a skunk train, stop at the pier in Fort Bragg and have a seal and seafood lunch at the pier or by the seaside salon. On North Harbor Drive, try Mama Carini's Fat Crab Sandwich.

Back in Mendocino, Café Beaujolais on Ukiah St is nationally renowned, has its own recipes and a varied menu, and the dishes in the menu are fresh local Ingredients, such as tuna and rosemary roast chicken wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. Seafood is next door to "955 Ukiah Street".

At the end of a peaceful day, if you are willing to enjoy the day, stop for a drink at the magnificent Mendocino, or drink at the Large Patterson & # 39; s Lance in Ireland.

Where then In a town where the best things are not done, what matters is where you do it. I live in John Dougherty House-it has an English garden tumbled towards the Pacific Ocean, a fireplace, early American antiques in the room, and a delicious breakfast served at the communal dining table. The notice warned that both domestic cats were happy. I ignored these notices, and when Tristan woke up in bed, I was convinced that my room was troubled when the cat started beating. The other more lovely night sounds were the Pacific Ocean crashing into the rocks, the Horn of Horn groaning, like a sad old sea monster in the bay.

Weller House Inn is located along the coast of Fort Bragg, next to Skunk Train depot. This working town is a welcome contrast to the tenacious charm of all Mendocino. The entrance hall of the Weller Inn is run by several classical musicians Ted and Eva Kidwell, and it looks like James Stewart's house in Good Life. Breakfast is served in the banquet hall on the third floor. Along the road is a glass beach. Many years ago, this was the dump in the town. Thousands of discarded bottles were thrown out there-the Pacific region began to tumble glasses of all colors, and now it flashes blue, red and green on clear days.