Manchester-British gay capital

Manchester & # 39; s Gay Village is centered on Canal Street, close to the center of China, and is featured in the BBC's popular TV series "Due of Quueer". The movie is almost restored. When it became a destination for hen and stag nights, it was almost like a zoo. It was chosen as the location because it has been around for a long time and is the gay gathering capital of Britain. There are so many clubs and bars that there is nothing else. If the canal were to freeze, they would build at least 3 clubs on ice.

Canal Street used to be a prosperous place by the Rochdale Canal, but when railways and roads took the place of people's choice of transportation, it became a dark and run-down area. Given that homosexuality was illegal until the late 1960s, and if you are over 21, it is only legal in private, so it has become a secret cruise area. Some say this is above all a large lesbian area. Ogden Arms [just a bar at the time] was the main venue for the party. It is now Rembrandt, has a hotel and is a favorite of leather and tattoo experts.

If you want to pay tribute to its roots, you should visit Rembrandt [formerly Ogden Weapons Company] and Napoleons, New York, New York, Cruz 101 and The New Union because they are gay The scene began when attacks on gay police were quite common.

Police are now more tolerant, with bars, clubs and restaurants booming on Canal Street, comparable to London and Brighton. In fact, one might say that Manchester is the number one party in terms of clubs. Some other notable bars are the Tribecca Bar and Bed. The restaurant downstairs has full-size beds, andyotes and Vanilla cater to the needs of lesbians, although not exclusive, Spirit, Queer and Taurus are all worth a visit.

Manchester's gay qualification is further enhanced by its annual "pride" celebration, one of the best celebrations in Europe, and a survey by Diva magazine found that Manchester Metropolitan University is the UK's most gay-friendly university .

There are many gay-friendly hotels in the Canal Block, as well as new apartment hotels, which means it's easy to visit from outside the city, it doesn't mean you'll sleep well in this vibrant city, but it's a good one Choose a website for vacation.

Manchester is rich in culture and can help a lot, especially in music. Despite the Liverpool Voices of the Beatles, Manchester is still Hollys, Herman's Hermit and Freddy and Dreamer on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the list of bands or musicians from Manchester is long and outstanding, such as Smith Band, Oasis Band, Elbow Band, Stone Rose Band, Joy Division / New Order Band, Shen Yun Band, Bad Boy Band, etc.

There is also an annual jazz festival, Hallé Orchestra and a thriving opera stage.

Among the many galleries is The Lowry, an amazing steel and glass building that towers over the old quayside, displaying the work of local hero LS Lowery and other careers in the visual and performing arts.

Theaters are also booming, and many theaters show a variety of plays from classic to avant-garde.

Manchester has its own international airport and good road and rail connections, so if you want to visit Liverpool, the Lake District or Blackpool, it is an ideal base where there are some first-class gay clubs and huge The beach, Blackpool Tower and some great roller coasters.