Discover the flora and fauna of beautiful Vanuatu


Lovers of nature and wildlife are very lucky when choosing a resort. When you want to see flora and fauna, there are always new places to travel, you can enjoy the scenery, you can explore the scenery. In addition to a beautiful tropical island resort and all the luxury goods offered by world-class hotels and resorts, Vanuatu should be your next destination for exploring interesting and unique native bushes, flora and fauna.

Book your stay in Vanuatu and see some iconic plants and birds.

Fish poison tree

Fish poison tree is a medium-sized tree, up to 25m high, and is named for its common name. The tree produces a box-shaped fruit that, like coconuts, spreads in ocean currents and lives at sea for up to 15 years.

Every part of this tree is toxic, and the fruit is powerful enough that its seeds are usually used to kill fish, which is easily captured by suffocation, so it is still edible.

Royal Parrot

The parrot [Royal Parrotfinch] is one of Vanuatu's native birds and usually appears in small groups in the forest canopy. Conservation breeding programs have been ensuring the survival of this brightly coloured finch, especially in the Letas Lake Reserve in Goa, northern Vanuatu.

Fan Palm, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Fan Palm is a small, slender palm tree native to Vanuatu with unique leaves similar to a folded paper fan. This small plant grows to ten feet high, but because it is a popular "exotic", it is usually planted close to six feet. There are characteristic plants in many gardens.

Maple tree

You may encounter Mape Tree on several different holidays in the South Pacific; this evergreen tropical tree is native to Fiji, New Guinea Papa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu and has a history of use by the people of Polynesia and Melanesia. The bark and leaves are used medicinally, and the branches are good firewood. Maple wood is often used for carving and craftsmanship, making canoes, tools, and various small building parts.

Spend a week in Vanuatu and experience the beauty of the local flora and fauna. Take an ecotour during your stay and travel anywhere from Lololima Waterfalls to Mount Yasur Volcano and all the islands in between! Book with a local ecotourism guide and enjoy a wonderful and in-depth journey-when you book available travel packages, ask your resort or hotel.