Porter Hight Beach

In August 2007, in the past 100 years, even if not, it created a most wonderful scam to deceive Cornwall and even the entire United Kingdom. Have you heard of Porthemmet Beach? If so, then you may be deceived because it does not exist.

Cambridge University graduate Jonty Haywood started the scam when he created the website porthemmet.com. The site details the various features of the fictional Porthemmet Beach [marked as "Best Beach in Cornwall" on the site] and offers visitors a variety of possible misunderstandings or complete in Cornish Fictional phrase. They were also instructed to ignore any locals who claimed they didn't know where the beach was, because it was just a game they played with to confuse visitors.

Then, back up the site with the logo on the A30. In conjunction with the instructions on the website "Traveling A30 north until you see the signpost", anyone trying to reach the beach was taken out of Cornwall. The purpose of this is to make the locals feel interesting. They often think that tourists are dismissive of the locals, know nothing about the locals, and really make tourists joke.

The campaign was praised and criticized. Praise the inventive, interesting and clever and critical of those who don't have a sense of humour, which they consider to be a huge insult to tourists who have made a huge contribution to Cornwall's economy. Visit Cornwall's Tourism Authority, VisitCornwall, is one of the biggest critic, arguing that it is really harmful when people believe in scams and then get confused by instructions or misleading signs. On the other hand, the Southwest Tourism Bureau CEO said that any promotion is a good publicity.

The site also provides a false history of Porthemmet, claiming its name comes from Saint Emmet, the brother of Cornish Saint, Saint Piran. In fact, emmet is the term "ant" in Cornish and is the collective name for Cornwall outsiders.

In July 2008, signs reappeared, and Jonty Haywood hinted that when Osama Bin Laden was interviewed by the news, Osama Bin Laden might It is placed. He then revealed that he was offering prizes to the first person who found all seven signs.