Tourist scene in Himalaya

Himalaya has a pure and original environment, towering Himalaya peaks, ancient temples and warm and friendly people, is a pure paradise for travelers. Nestled in the embrace of the Himalayas, this mountainous state has plenty of shops for tourists looking for beautiful scenery, exotic culture and entertainment and play. In short, a holiday in Himachal is an unforgettable experience that rejuvenates your mind and body.

The beautiful Himalayas belong to northern India and have a wealth of precious natural treasures. The north is bordered by Chamu and Kashmir, the west and southwest are bordered by Punjab, and the south is bordered by Haryana and Uttar. The state shares borders with the northeastern province of Uttarakhand. Almost the entire Himalayas are primitive and picturesque, which is why it has many tourist destinations where thousands of tourists gather every year. About 700,000 Rah people belong to a variety of cultures and live in this small but incredibly beautiful state.

Xima Albang provides both old and new mixed power. Ancient temples and pagodas, splendid colonial architecture, and several traditional markets and festivals reflect its rich traditions and history. Today, the major cities and mountain resorts of Himalayas have fascinating modern conveniences and provide maximum comfort for both tourists and locals alike. However, the past and the present are very common, it is the original natural beauty, and the state is rich. In addition, the harsh weather and enticing festive atmosphere throughout the year add to the fun of the trip to Himachal.

Himalayas is known for its hill stations and green valleys. Shimla is the capital of the state and one of the most beautiful mountain stations. This well-planned town has a magical charm with magnificent natural landscapes and beautiful colonial architecture. The Shimla tour also offers some adventure sports for you to taste. Dharmshala is the religious capital of the state, with many temples, places of worship and Tibetan monasteries. In this beautiful hill town, the soft hillsides dotted with pine trees, orchards and tea gardens are simply fantastic. The peace, tranquility and comfort of Malari make it a favorite of romantic couples. In this picturesque paradise, the weather is fantastic, which is why the demand for Manali travel packages in the summer has become very high. In addition, other high-end tourist attractions such as Kullu, Chamba and the Kangra Valley are also flourishing, green and pleasant, and can be used for various adventure sports.

Today, many government agencies and private organizations are helping travelers plan their trip to Himalaya. Almost all tourist destinations/around has built a variety of modern facilities to attract more and more travelers. Provide regular air services from Delhi to Himalal to promote tourism in the state. Now you can get online deals including the Shimla Travel Package, the Marali Hotel and the Dharmshala Package. With your needs and budget in mind, you get the most suitable product.