Analysis of the latest trends and news of divorce


Since our society is changing, and our values ​​and standards, as well as what we think in terms of rules of conduct. It affects everything from our choice of education and profession, to relationships and, of course, almost all other aspects of how we conduct our lives. And although there are marriage and divorce with a capital letter – seem solid and unchanged, it could not be further from the truth. Both of & # 39 are dynamic and evolve over time, as can be seen by analyzing even a few years of divorce trends and news.

One example – the overall level of marriages and divorces in the country. Both of these rates are reduced. In 2016, the last year with complete statistics available at the time of this writing, the marriage rate was 6.9 marriages per 1000 total population, down from 8.2 in 2000. Meanwhile, for divorces latest figures show 3.2 per 1000, compared with 4.0 in the same time frame. Fewer people are getting married and divorced less.

However, not all types of divorces decreased in prevalence. One particular type – the rapid launch. The gray divorce – a term used to reference couples older than 50 years with long-term marriages who divorce. Rate there doubled since 1990.

Another trend of divorce – it is animal rights in matters of family law and seeks to protect their well-being, and not treat them as buy property. Currently, three US states have laws providing for this, including Alaska, Illinois and California.

Meanwhile, everything that is connected with the disparity of income and opportunities, for example, discussion of 1% versus 99%, and heated debates and laws on tax rates for the wealthy, remain in the spotlight. Consider that this is the richest man in the world of Jeff Bezos divorce. The result is likely to be the most expensive in the history of cultivation of marriage because of its status. His personal fortune in the beginning of 2019 was estimated at about 140 billion dollars, and half of that, give or take a few mansions or Amazon shares may be zahaplena.

If we talk about financial issues, but now another trend of divorce – an increasing prevalence and confusion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency divorced. Usually cryptocurrency was designed to make it difficult or impossible to accurately trace and wild swings in the value of their present difficulties in estimating fair value. Both of these problems are believed to cause headaches in those who are trying to deal with the digital financial assets in a divorce the following years.

It is clear that in the world of marriage and divorce, many things are changing. Be aware of the latest trends and news of divorce on their own, and can also be a useful way of assessing what is happening in other areas of society.