Where can I take a pet holiday?


Pet owners can sometimes find it difficult to find a suitable resort. Some hotels have strict regulations, so only pets are allowed to live in kennels or special pet cages. So what do we do with four legged friends when we go on vacation?
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Before you start planning anything, you should decide if you want to bring your pet with you on vacation. When choosing a place to spend your vacation, make sure that the hotel you are staying in is allowed to bring pets. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems, the hotel built these special kennels, where you can put dogs. However, you may find it difficult to visit your dog in just a few hours.
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So why not plan a holiday in the country? There are some great resorts that actually rent a wooden house throughout the summer, so you will definitely find something that suits your needs. Spending a summer vacation in the country may be a good choice because you will be with family, friends and pets.
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More and more people are being attracted to the country because they have realized that this is one of the best ways to get through the hot summer. When you are in the country, there are a variety of activities that can inspire your interests, such as horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and even more adventurous things like rappelling or bungee jumping.
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Summer vacation is the time when we should focus on relaxing and enjoying our time. This is why it is very important to make the most of this situation. Spending good time with your friends and family may be the best option for your summer vacation. So plan carefully and enjoy your vacation.

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You think about investing? Think about Bitcoin-Way


What is bitcoin?

If you are over, you have heard of bitcoin. It was one of the biggest part of the news over the last year or so – how fast razbagatselnaya scheme, the end of finance, the birth of a truly international currency, as the end of the world, or as the technology developed. world. But what is bitcoin?
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In short, we can say that bitcoin – this is the first decentralized money system, which is used for Internet transactions, but, probably, it will be useful to dig a little deeper.
We all know, in general, that & # 39; money & # 39; there is and what it is used. The most important question, which is testified by using money before Bitcoin due to the fact that it is centralized and controlled by a single entity – the central banking system.
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Bitcoin was invented in 2008/2009 anonymous creators, who goes under the name & # 39; Satoshi Nakamoto & # 39; decentralization to bring the money in the world. The idea is that the currency can be traded on the international lines without too much difficulty and payments, checks and balances will be distributed around the globe (and not only on the books of private corporations and governments), and money becomes more democratic and are equally available to all.
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Getting started bitcoin?

The concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency general was opened in 2009 by an unknown researchers Satoshi. The reason for his invention was the decision to centralize the use of money problems, which relied on the banks and anyone & # 39; your computer, and the problem that many computers are not satisfied have been satisfied.
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Achieve decentralization has been done since the late 90s without success, so if Satoshi in 2008 published a paper which proposed a solution that was greatly welcomed. Today, bitcoin currency became familiar to Internet users and has created thousands of & # 39; altkoinav & # 39; (Cryptocurrency that are not of the & # 39 are Bitcoin).
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How is Bitcoin?
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Bitcoin is made through a process called mining. Just like paper money are made by printing, and the gold is extracted from the earth, bitcoin is created by Mining & # 39; Mining involves solving complex mathematical problems with respect to the blocks with the use of computers and add them to the general ledger.
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When it all began, for my procedure it was necessary simple CPU (for example, a home computer & # 39; yutery), however, the difficulty level has increased significantly, and now you need special equipment, including high-end graphics processing unit (GPU). mine Bitcoin.
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How can I invest?

Firstly, you need to open an account on the trading platform and create a wallet; you can find some examples pashukayuchy in Google & # 39; Bitcoin & # trading platform 39; – they usually have names associated with the & # 39; coin & # ;, or 39 & # 39; market & # 39; After joining one of these platforms, you click on the assets, and then click on the crypt, to select the desired currency. there are many indicators on each platform, which is very important, and you must be sure to observe them carefully before investing.

Just buy and hold
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Although mining – the most reliable and, in a sense, the easiest way to earn bitcoin, this involved too much, and the cost of electricity and specialized computer & # 39; computer hardware makes it inaccessible to most of us.
search airfare deals To avoid all this, make it easy for yourself, directly enter the desired amount in your bank account and click “buy & # 39;” and then sit back and watch as your investment is increasing in response to price changes. place on many exchanges platforms available today, with the ability to trade between different currencies Fiat (USD, AUD, GBP, etc.) and various crypto-coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).

trade bitcoin

If you are familiar with stocks, bonds or exchanges Forex, you will realize that the crypto-commerce easy. There are brokers with Bitcoin, such as e-commerce social, FXTM marke.com, and many others that you can choose from. Platforms provide you with currency pairs or Bitcoin-fiat fiat-Bitcoin, such as BTC-USD is trading Bitcoins for US dollars. Watch for changes in prices, to find the perfect pair, depending on the changes in prices; platforms provide prices among other factors to give you the appropriate trading tips.

Bitcoin as stocks

There are also organizations that allow you to buy shares in companies that are investing in the Bitcoin – these companies are engaged in back and forth, and you simply invest in them and expect monthly payments. These companies are just about the & # 39; combine digital money from different investors and investing on their behalf.

Why invest in bitcoin?

As you can see, investing in Bitcoin require some basic knowledge of the currency, as explained above. As with all investments, it suggests the risk! Question, to invest or not is entirely up to the individual. However, if I give advice, I would advise to invest in bitcoin for the reason that bitcoin continues to grow – albeit a significant one took place during the boom and the drop, it is likely that cryptocurrency as a whole will continue to increase in value over the next 10 years. Bitcoin – the biggest and most famous of all modern cryptocurrency, so it’s a good place to start, and the safest bet. Despite the change in the short term, I suspect you will find that trade bitcoin is more profitable than most other businesses.



Simple methods for converting bitkoynaga trade volatility to your advantage


The truth is we can say that Bitcoin felt a real explosion, as popularity goes, when we talk about cryptocurrency. This is a very popular cryptocurrency hit among investors, traders and consumers, all working to make trade bitcoin. It has so much to offer as reduced fees, speed of transactions and increase the value that can be the reason that most people choose it for their trade. It is, however, the rapid market and to make it big, you have to be very clever traders when buying and selling. Dedication and discipline, you can flip the volatility of Bitcoin in your favor. Here is a simple but effective ways that you can do just that.

Keep up to date with the latest news Bitcoin

News News can not affect the currency, but the truth is, there are some items that can greatly affect its value. With access to news related to the Bitcoin, and live news for the typical news you can in time to catch something that you made a decision that will bring you success in trading. This helps to keep abreast of news about bitcoin and other unexpected news that can affect its performance.

Use stop losses to your advantage

Regardless of whether you are just starting out with your trading or you have been on it for a while, you should be prepared for times when losses are inevitable. No one sells, without waiting for the losses, but there is always a probability, so the need to implement a solid plan stop-loss. Estimates vary on a regular basis, and you should be prepared for bad days. The market offers tools that you can automatically set to stop losses before they suras & # 39; ozna affect your profits. Regardless of participating in bitcoin f & # 39; yuchersnyh markets, CFD or cash, guarantees the use of stop-loss, to maintain open positions.

Understand technical analysis inside

It is very important before entering the trade. Given that there is no agency or bank, which would affect the assessment of bitcoins, you need to become a judge of their own more than one. If you do not understand the basics of the market and do not even know how to analyze price charts or read the price action and using indicators, you are doomed to wrong moves. Remember that the price patterns largely speculative because you are important to know all the technical characteristics that are really important.

Be attentive to his arm

The lever has an opportunity to increase your profit or loss also increase. If you have too much of your leverage, you will tend to be a bit careful in the management of their money, and it will blow up a merchant account in the end. On the other hand, too much attention to your exposure may interfere with the operation, given that the premium bids can not work fully as expected. When it comes to trade bitcoins, you need to make a balance, to get a good yield.
Kik is hardly the first crypto company to have been the subject of fraud or misreporting. In July, the Tron Foundation’s Justin Sun was reported to have been arrested for investigations in China. It turned out, however, that the Sun was recovering from kidney stones, resting in San Francisco. In 2017, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin was the subject of a death scam, originating from the online 4chan forum.
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Mistakes are as old as money, and the history of finance is mixed with examples of fraud and evil. From England’s 18th Century in the South Sea to the percent equity schemes set up by Wolf of Wall Street, investors are often burned by the very good prospects of being real.

Part of this is endemic to any emerging industry, where entrepreneurs make bold claims about what their companies can achieve. The emotions and hyperbole surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrency also appear to have infected crypto journalism, whether it was reporting to the NSA developing a cryptocurrency (that’s not) or unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto (they got the wrong guy).



See the best hotels in Santa Monica, California, USA


Santa Monica, California, is located in the western county of Los Angeles. The climate here is pleasant and has become a world-famous holiday destination. Today, it has achieved excellent prosperity in both employment growth and tourism.
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The city is considered to be one of the best resorts with 310 days of sunshine. This beautiful California city has many tourist attractions including the marina, the arena, the majestic theatre, the municipal auditorium, the art museum, the Palisades Park Film Festival and more.
Although this is primarily a tourist destination, thousands of visitors also visit the city for commercial purposes. In the city, there are many ordinary hotels and hotel chains ranging from cheap to luxurious.
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luxurious hotel

  Entering one of the luxury hotels is the best way to enrich your travels. Those who want to spend most of their time on luxury spend more on luxury accommodation.
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If you are one of them and are looking for a luxury hotel in City, then don’t worry anymore, as there are many full-service star hotels in the city, such as Fairmont Miramar Hotel&Bungalows, Loews Beach Hotel, Huntley Santa Monica, Georgian style. , Doubletree Guest Suites, Viceroy and Sheraton Delfina hotels.
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  This is the only luxury hotel in the city, located at 101 Wilshire Blvd in the beach city. This luxury hotel is known for its world-class service and royal treatment. Whether you are here for a holiday or a business meeting, Fairmont Hotel is your ideal choice. The best features of the Fairmont Hotel include a spa tub, a restaurant and a beach club shuttle.
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Cheap hotel

  Always stay in one of the cheaper hotels to reduce your travel expenses, whether you are going on holiday or attending some business meetings.
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During the tour, you will find many cheap accommodation options, but some of the best accommodations include – Best Western Gateway, Travelodge Pico Blvd, Marina Holiday Inn, Santa Monica Motel, Pacific Sands Motel, Comfort Inn and Days Inn.

Days Inn

  Days Inn is one of the cheapest places to stay in the city, offering the comfort of a luxury hotel for all budgets at the most affordable price. This 2-star hotel is conveniently located near the 3rd Street Promenade. This is the best place for business travellers and holidaymakers.
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In addition, the city offers accommodation in every corner, whether in the city or near the airport.

Downtown hotel

  The city is full of exclusive retail outlets, great entertainment venues, casual and gourmet venues and many major attractions. Therefore, every Santa Monica visitor wants to stay here. If you are still looking for urban accommodation during this time, you don’t have to worry too much. From pet-friendly hotels to spas, beachfront and casino hotels, there are many accommodation options.
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Find hotels by looking at the details online. Choose accommodation based on your budget. Search for discount hotel deals on budget accommodation. Many affordable motels and hotels are spread all over the place. Santa Monica Motel is just seven blocks from Santa Monica Beach.
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Pacific Sands Motel is the ideal budget motel in the heart of the Santa Monica entertainment district. Travelodge Santa Monica is located across the street from Santa Monica Pier and the beach, and is suitable for those on a budget.

Best travel tips for your dream vacation


It's not uncommon to hear that vacations are badly wrong. But most importantly, a good plan may not have nightmares. If you want to avoid the problems caused by poor holiday planning, read on for some great suggestions. Please note the expiration date of your passport. Some countries have very specific regulations on passports, including expiration dates. Depending on the expiry date of your passport, a country may not allow you to visit. These times can be three or six months, or even eight months a year. Some travel websites turn off electronic tracking options that you can use. This will give you the latest and cheapest way to travel. If the flight you are interested in has lowered the price and is now available for purchase at a lower price, you will receive an email alert. If you have already booked a ticket and the price of the ticket has dropped, you will also receive an email reminder.

tip! If you are going on a boat trip, pack a fishing tackle box and store valuables in it. There are often many thieves on cruise ships, and you don't want to risk losing what is important to you.

Use checklists to help you pack your necessities. Make a list of things you must take with you. You can start doing this in a few months, but it should be done about a week before your trip. If you're in a hurry to pack, this can be especially helpful because it prevents you from forgetting or including unnecessary items. You don't have to always go far to experience day trips or weekend getaways. There may be places in your hometown or nearby state that you haven't been to. Staying local can save you money and benefit your local economy. The perfect vacation may be here. If you carry them, you can connect your laptop to the TV in your room. You can take advantage of various streaming movies instead of paying expensive rent directly from the hotel.

tip! For those who want to visit many different locations, a boat tour can be an attractive way to travel. They can do this without having to drive by themselves or having to bother with different planes and / or trains.

Sleep pills can help you get through red eyes. This can help you fall asleep in many uncomfortable situations on the plane. If you are unable to fall asleep during the flight, take a sleeping pill shortly before the flight to help you relax and take a nap during the trip. Do not take medication before departure to prevent delays or problems with the plane. When traveling by air, be sure to plan ahead. Getting to the airport alone can be difficult to accomplish quickly, especially if you are traveling through a large city during peak hours. Pack your luggage in advance. You need to make all your travel plans before you plan your flight. Not flying will waste your time and money. If you plan to travel together, make sure your dog adapts easily to the new place. Your dog needs to respond reliably to leashes and voice commands, and should always be released when traveling and in public places. When traveling, you can control your pet's activities at any time to ensure your pet's safety.

tip! If you are going to pack a boat tour, don't buy anything new. This is because most cruise trips today allow you to wear casual clothes even at dinner, and you rarely need to wear a black tie dress.

Bring light clothes and be sure to plan your trip when traveling. Lightweight and smart packaging work will make the journey easier and more enjoyable. There are many interesting places in the desert to watch, as well as many animals that people have never seen in their lives. Visiting the desert is a shocking event, especially for people who have never been in the desert, and this is not to be missed. Be aware of food allergies when traveling abroad to avoid dangerous contact. Know the foreign language well to see if it is dangerous to you. This way, you can easily explain your allergy to a restaurant waiter or chef or [if something happens] a medical professional.

tip! If you are planning a long voyage, consider choosing a cruise ship that offers self-service laundry. This will reduce the amount of laundry you need to carry when packing and is much cheaper than asking the crew to do the laundry for you.

If you want the cheapest exchange rate, wait until you reach your destination before you exchange currencies. If you know you ca n’t easily exchange currencies after arriving in your destination country, please exchange a certain amount of currency before you leave, and then look for a better exchange rate when you arrive home. Some of the worst stories about travel occur because travelers don't think ahead and plan correctly. Leverage the information you've gained in this article to enjoy your vacation now without any hassle!


Super Paranoid Mexico Safe Travel Tips, Part 2


Part 2: Enter Mexico and its surroundings

Mexico is known for its immaculate beaches, archeological sites and charming colonial cities, from stunning natural beauty to romantic architectural landmarks. Charming people and rich culture add irresistible charm to this great country. Many of Mexico's historical sites are maintained to world-class standards, but at a fraction of the price of a European or American attraction. Unfortunately, many Americans and Canadians worry about their safety while traveling in Mexico, preventing them from going through this exciting country. This misplaced fear stems from the fact that Mexico is a developing country distinct from the United States. But being different doesn't mean insecure.

Statistically, Mexico is a very safe country for tourists. Most crimes in Mexico are drug-related and concentrated in areas near the border, such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. Ninety-five percent of Mexico is as safe as 95% of the United States or Canada. Mexican tourists are not the target of public violence. However, just like in other tourist destinations, every visitor should beware of petty theft or property crime. There are pickpockets in Mexico, just like there are pickpockets in Paris, the world's main travel destination. As Edward Hasbrouck, author of "Practical Nomads: How to Travel the World," states, "The greatest danger facing law-abiding travelers in Mexico may be the same as the greatest danger facing the United States-road traffic accidents. In contrast, everything else is negligible. "

To get to Mexico safely, you should first choose a safe and exciting destination, such as the quaint Mexican town in the heart of the heart. Unlike famous beach destinations, these little-known destinations provide you with a real experience of the Mexican lifestyle. Best of all, these inaccessible attractions tend to be safer, cheaper and less crowded.

A good example of the romantic "Old Mexico" is the city of Guanajuato. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the rolling plateaus of central Mexico, it is one of the best-preserved colonial buildings in the United States. The state of Guanajuato builds on the huge wealth obtained from the vast silver mines mined in the area in the mid-16th century. Today, traces of wealth are still visible in Baroque architecture, aristocratic estates, magnificent churches and chapels, impressive squares, and colorfully colored houses, which sit on hillsides or cobbled streets. These colonial elements are integrated with organic urban structures such as narrow passages, underground tunnels, opera houses, museums, art galleries and cafes. The residents of Guanajuato are friendly, helpful and a safe and pleasant city for tourists.

A visit to Guanajuato will undoubtedly bring you an unforgettable and rich experience. To ensure your safety on the go, you need to plan appropriately before leaving Mexico and observe the following safety precautions when entering Mexico and surrounding areas:

  • Travel during the day. Whenever possible, arrange departure and arrival times during the day. If you must travel at night, be sure to stay on the main road and in a well-lit place.
  • Keep an eye on your suitcases and handbags. If you need help from a porter, make sure they have a badge and ID. If you check in luggage or store your luggage, remember to ask for a luggage receipt. Do not accept packages from people you do not know.
  • Use official shipping services. In major cities, use official taxis [Taxi Autorizados] and avoid unauthorized taxis [piratas]. There are official taxi counters at airports and bus stations. Within the city, do not drag taxis down the street. Ask your hotel or accommodation host to call the taxi by phone [radio taxi] and they may write down the taxi license number and driver name. After entering the taxi, make sure that the driver shows his driving license. For buses, please stick to first-class routes, because these buses will use toll roads [toll stations], toll roads are faster and smoother. Second- and third-class buses cross freely [freeway] with slower bumps, bumpy bumps, and greater vulnerability to minor crimes.
  • Safe Driving. If you are driving or renting a car in Mexico, keep in mind that most Mexican roads do not meet the US standards for flatness, hardness, width, curvature, slope, or safety signs. Driving style in Mexico may be more inspiring, so please be extra careful and strictly follow traffic regulations. If possible, do not drive at night. You don't want to get lost in strange places at night.
  • These restaurants offer a more personalized service than large hotel chains, so you can stay in small hotels, B & Bs and owner-managed holiday homes. In smaller venues, the landlord or homeowner will remember your name, your preferences, schedule, etc. They usually have a friendly conversation with you, and this is a great opportunity to learn where you are. As locals in the area, they can give you advice on avoiding locations, best route choices and more. They are the latest tips for the region that the guide cannot provide.
  • Tell your host about your estimated time of arrival. In smaller hotels, hotel staff and owners are often better at keeping track of when you leave the hotel and your estimated time of arrival. They can easily alert you and notify the authorities if you do not return as scheduled.

You will remain mobile for many times throughout your trip to Mexico. Unless security measures are in place, traveling may pose some risks to you. After a well-thought-out itinerary, fully prepared, alert, cautious and cautious, you will reach your destination and return home safely.


7 most popular romantic places in Napa Valley


You have booked a hotel in Napa and booked a limousine tour in Napa. But you are looking for something more romantic to impress your loved one. Stop watching! Take your kisser out and prepare for romance.

1. Take a hot air balloon at dawn and fly over Napa Valley. Of course bring a bottle of local champagne. After many flights, breakfast and sparkling wine are served at Napa Department Store.

2. On the Owbow public market, let your lover sweep over your feet and put a kiss on the right side of the market center. This is a glorious place, full of art, food, wine and almost anything else you can imagine. Spontaneity is natural in Oxbow!

3. Napa Google Opera is a wonderful place to host a variety of first-rate music. When something moves you, it holds your hand and kisses it. Kisses and music are a natural match.

4. Napa Restaurant Bouchon is a romantic dream. Bouchon is a tribute to French bistros. We know the French breath, smell, and all the food and winemakers' plots to create romance.

5. Naked in Harbin Hot Spring, north of Napa County. This casual outfit offers natural hot springs, waterfalls, hot and cold mineral water pools, hemispherical restaurants and New Age temples. It's not just about making you happy when you drink. For 150 years, the romantic tradition of Napa Valley in Calistoga has been immersed in warm, natural foam. at least.

6. Bale Grist Mill Park in St. Helena is open from sunrise to sunset. We recommend a sunset tour to the factory. Dr. Beale's 36-foot-high waterwheel was built in 1846 and is still spinning every weekend. Picnic on the ground or trek a mile to Botnapa Park. Feel the original appearance of the land and the romance of living in the natural world.

7. The kiss is covered with mud? why not? Napa romantics like mud baths, and many of them. If you want full treatment, head to Calistoga, north of Napa County, and enter the world of Spa Solage. Solage has a sexy Mud Bar, no kidding, here you will get custom Mudslide. You and your romantic partner will be mixed with the magical volcanic mud and the essential oil of your choice. next? Go to the mud and feel it has entered your body. Relax everywhere and soak in the mineral water bath. You can also choose to use a geothermal pool and steam room. Upon completion, you will feel the wet noodles and lively combination. It is better to relax in Napa Valley hotel room than at any other time.

Enter a romantic trip to Napa Valley. Around every tree, vineyard or stream there is a place that can bring you a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.


5 things you must see or do in the Philippines


The Philippines is a majestic land full of bright colors, simple and admirable culture, budget-conscious activities and products [cheap things!], And the ability to be completely personally controlled to do what you want when you need it Things. When I retire, I wish I decided to stay in half of the world's paradise. There is so much to do in the Philippines, so I narrowed it down to the top five best things to do, or have to check out projects in the Philippines here. When I mention the price, I will roughly convert it to USD to keep you simple. Remember, this is just math in my head. I really like math.

In order to let you know immediately, I am a 26-year-old male, so this article is targeted at 20- and 30-year-olds. There are many historical and modern events in the Philippines, so these are my favorite things, or at least I think everyone should have seen them at least once in their lifetime.

1. Holiday weekends on the white sands of Boracay.

2. See Angeles City and Bar Girls.

3. Motorboat

4. Shoot Uz

5.Visit LA Cafe in Manila, Philippines

While everyone is on vacation and work in school, staying in Boracay during Holy Week is a great experience. On Friday and Saturday nights, the beach is especially crowded, ready to experience the nightlife that Boracay has to offer. The entire beach is lined with clubs and hawkers, selling wine, fresh fish, jewelry and clothing. The White House, Boracay, Philippines, is a nice affordable place right in the heart of White Beach. Be careful when ordering fresh fish from the counter. Notice how all the fish sit on the ice and pour the ice on it. I know it looks delicious, but the fish was caught around 6am and you are about to eat it at 8pm without any refrigeration equipment so the fish sits on ice all day. It's really not that fresh. Not to mention, all the ice comes from nasty Filipino tap water-unfiltered. Trust me, stay away from running water. I got sick twice in the water in the Philippines. Once I was trapped and dehydrated, I didn't even notice that I just drank a glass of water. You've always wanted to order bottled water. Another time was on the beach of Boracay: I only ate two oysters, but that was after my partner had eaten a large plate, so the ice on it completely melted into the oysters. My partner is more painful than me, but still bad.

I missed it in Boracay on Friday night due to a glass of water. Thank God, I have a better life on Saturday night, because this is something everyone needs to experience. Every few feet there was another club sounding and people dancing all night. I recommend a hookah bar and any club. It depends on your preference for music.

Anyone who has been to different countries knows that there are red light districts around the world. After I visited Angeles City, Philippines, I found that Amsterdam is the most famous, but not necessarily the best. I am travelling older than anyone else and I have never seen a place like Field Avenue in Angeles City, Philippines. too crazy! There are only bars throughout the street, prostitutes packed with edges, gyroscope dots with great gyroscopes, and 7-11. The best thing a Filipino can organize in the Philippines is prostitution in Angeles City. These girls undergo a complete STD test every week. We drove past the health clinic where they were checked and each bar had different days of the week. Dude, this place is busy, which is understandable because there are too many bars there, even if I have lived there for more than a year, I ca n’t go there. There are literally hundreds of such bars. There is never an entrance fee or admission fee to enter these places. A waitress will sit with you and she will usually stand next to you. Then let her know if you need anything. If you see a girl you like and make eye contact with her, you can always ask her to come and buy her a drink. The biggest and best place I saw was Atlantis. It's a three-story building, where there must be at least 200 girls, and each girl is beautiful. It's a bit expensive, but worth it. A drink in the United States is still more expensive than a drink in the United States. Now when you buy a drink for yourself, it costs about $ 1.50. When you buy "women's drink," it costs $ 3.00, but the girl gets half of that money and drinks it. She will sit down and talk to you, and then touch you. It's so cool when you find someone who is cheerful and ironic. It is fun to chat with these girls and meet them. Some of them have crazy stories to tell. I quickly asked personal questions such as friends and family.

If you think you are in contact with a girl and you like her, and you want to ask if she wants to return to your hotel with you, then you will ask her many questions. Let her know you like her and ask if she wants "Bar Fine." She would say yes or no. She may not want to go home with you, she may be menstruating, or she may be a "cherry girl", which means she is a virgin. It is important to respect and realize that all these girls are not necessarily prostitutes. These places are like strip clubs, only they wear clothes. They may give you a knee dance [better than anything you get in the U.S. for only a few bucks] or drink and chat with you. If she says "yes", when you ask if you want to get a "bar fine", go ahead and answer a few questions to let her know that you are happy she wants to get a "bar fine", but you have a few first questions. Ask her if she is on "men's clothing". This is the menstrual period they refer to. You don't want her to return to the hotel and find that you cannot do what she wants because she is bleeding. Ask her when she will go home in the morning. You don't want her to leave that night [or maybe you would], but it would be better if she didn't leave at 5 AM because she had children or something. If she can go out, let your waitress know that you are going to fine her. She will bring you all the bills. The "fine" cost for a girl is between $ 20 and $ 25. This girl will go for change and then you leave together. When you return to the hotel, you will have a shower. Use condoms even if you check them once a week. Don't mess up your life. If you tip her, it's up to you. The next day, no matter which way to return to the bar, she will get half the "fine". Unfortunately, these girls can only make about $ 10 for selling themselves, but if they do a fixed job in the mall, they can only make two to three dollars a day, plus they work 13 hours a day ,. What would you do? Will you work harder for less money? Many of these girls are from Ontario, which means they are from poverty, unlike any poverty we encounter in the United States. They are from remote islands or small villages and they are trying to send money home.

A motorboat ride in Boracay is awesome! It feels like you are in a Jay Z music video. Riding a jet ski is the most amazing scenery. At some point, you realize that you are dead. It's somewhere between dancing with the most beautiful women and clubs on this tropical island in the Philippines on the other side of the world. They like to dance. In fact, the three things Filipinos like are Obama, hip hop and basketball. Anyway, back to jet ski. It's a little more than a dollar a minute, but it's worth it. We signed for 30 minutes, but I think they gave us 45 minutes. That was a lot of time. When I'm ready to stop. I'm contracting people. As long as everyone else passes in the same way, you can pass others [or at least no one yells at me]. You should never go in the opposite direction.

My friends met a man named George within the first hour of arriving in Manila. This guy is a liar and knows everyone in this city. Initially, he tried to sell some Viagra to my partner. By the way, thousands of people are selling Viagra and Cialis on the streets of Manila. George then asked my friends if they wanted to shoot Uzi. This caught my friend's attention. "Yes, we want to shoot Uz." So George took them to the corner and fired. This is probably the most expensive thing on our trip. The price of firing Uzi is $ 1 per bullet. It's worth it, because now they have a wonderful story to tell people.

LA Cafe is a bar in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. This is where many girls hang out. Some of them are girls at work, but they didn't charge us because they were just happy to hang out with some cool guys. Be careful not to be cheated in this place. I went there with three friends from California. As soon as we walked in, all the girls turned to look at us. At 6: 7, we were all white, so we were outstanding everywhere we went. We walked into the VIP area upstairs [each can only enter a few dollars] and we got each of us to leave at different times because that's what we often do. I seldom return to the hotel with my friends, I am too distracted and leave after about an hour and a half of hanging out. I know my roommate is gone, so I should leave two friends in the bar. When I left, I said goodbye to someone. I gave him a $ 30 drink. I thought the other friend was in the bathroom. , Another of our friends decided to leave without telling anyone, never to do this! Always let others around you know when you leave or decide to do something else. Alone at the bar, all these girls have always invited their "cousins" to drink, and they are drinking and ordering salads. We expect my friend to pay the full cost. The girls there never paid any money because they were bankrupt. The bill was 5,200 pesos [more than $ 100, not too much considering how much we drank]. My friend only had 5,000 pesos, and one of them paid another 200 pesos. He left the bar and took the three girls back to the hotel lobby, but then they started complaining about how a girl paid 200 pesos, and they wanted my friend to repay the money. He explained that they drank a lot of drinks and ate food, so they should pay some money, and he still paid more than his share. Keep in mind that this argument exceeds $ 4. Then he pointed to the front door and said, "Okay, that door." These girls are liars, so be careful. Other than that, this is a fun place to hang out and play billiards. We stayed in a nice hotel in Emita, Manila, just a few blocks from LA Cafe. It cost $ 100 a night, but its living room has a sofa bed and a The bedroom with a large bet, plus two bathrooms, so I was separated from one person, it was $ 50 per person per night.

The Philippines is a great place. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking adventure. It's cheap, the people are nice, and the beauty of nature is second to none. Always stay safe when traveling to the Philippines or any other third world country. Visit travelingmiller.com to learn more about how to stay safe and play in the Philippines. There are also videotapes of Palawan Island, another great destination in the Philippines.


Welcome to Tanzania!


Tanzania has beautiful nature and extraordinary wildlife. It is the largest country in East Africa, with nearly one million square kilometers [386,109 square miles]. Agriculture dominates the economy, and most of its crop exports include coffee, tea, cotton, cashews, sisal, cloves and pyrethrum. Although some unreliable cash flows have frustrated farmers, government intervention is having a significant and positive impact on the country's economy.

In 1986, to help improve the country's economy, the Tanzanian government instituted new policies, including reducing budget deficits, relaxing trade policies and reducing food crop restrictions. In addition, Tanzania's foreign direct investment increased by 16% in 2007 due to substantial US funding and numerous international groups in the mining, agriculture, gas and oil, insurance and tourism industries that increased staff and operations in the country.

Tanzania is growing at an annual rate of about 4%. It has now become a fully integrated society and is developing into one of Africa's most dynamic economies. Dodoma is the capital and is the seat of the country's parliament and government agencies. It is located 440 kilometers [273 miles] west of the commercial capital Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam is a city with more than five centuries of history. It is a mixture of African, Arab, Asian and European cultures. Tanzanians are very friendly and will do everything in their power to stop assisting foreigners.

For those flying to Dar es Salaam for the first time, they will see large palm trees and muddy houses. Once the building has fallen to the ground, it will be built randomly and not very clean. In contrast, international hotels are of good quality and well located to take full advantage of the sea view.

The city is divided into 4 different areas: the "city center" is a mix of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, parks and sports facilities. The "Peninsula" is where most diplomats and expats live. It has spectacular sea views, local restaurants, shops, hotels, and a sailing club. Then there are coastal houses and resorts 20 to 30 kilometers [12 to 19 miles] north-south from Dar es Salaam. Unfortunately, the rest of the city is characterized by cheap housing, with three to four million people living near the poverty line.

Over the past 15 years, Dar es Salaam has drastically transformed from socialism to a more capitalist government. The influx of diplomats, large businesses and foreign aid has led to a gradual improvement in the living standards of the local people. Infrastructure and utilities are improving every year-frequent power failures in the past have become less common. Water and sewage problems remain serious on designated government lists.

Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, but English is almost always used in business communication. A person can easily work in the city without knowing Swahili, but learning it does make it easier to assimilate, shop and exchange in the local community.

Politeness and greetings to Tanzanians is the most important thing you can remember, and it is best done in Swahili. Visitors should try not to raise their voice even if they try to be patient. Dar es Salaam is a Muslim environment and should know very well Muslim customs.

Dar es Salaam is hot most of the year, and unless your office or house is equipped with a fan or good air conditioning system, it is usually at a high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius [86 degrees Fahrenheit]. Feeling tired, in the summer, the humidity is close to 40 degrees Celsius [104 degrees Fahrenheit], and the humidity is very close to 100%. Showers come and go without much notice. On weekends, one can go to one of the many beaches to escape the heat.

Foreigners seeking to enter Tanzania should hold a valid passport. Passports should be presented to immigration officials at any point of entry, border post, airport or port. A visa, residence permit or pass must be provided for use by travelers en route to other destinations.

There are five types of visas: "ordinary visas" are issued by any foreign mission in Tanzania. However, if you do not have a visa to arrive at the checkpoint, you can obtain a visa at the port of entry for a fee of $ 50. A "business visa" called a CTA is issued to potential investors or business people interested in investing. Make professional connections. Valid for two months. In addition to the entry visa fee, it costs $ 100. If a businessman leaves the country, he needs to obtain an entry visa and a CTA visa again upon entry. "Multiple entry visas" are issued to foreigners and due to commercial commitments, foreigners must enter multiple times. The validity period can be from one month to one year. A "Recommended Visa" requires special clearance from the Director or Chief Immigration Officer of the Zanzibar Immigration Service. This usually applies to people from Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, refugees, stateless people and any other country designated by the authorities. The application is for any Tanzanian mission abroad and cannot be obtained at the point of entry. Finally, a "transit visa" is issued for those who wish to cross Tanzania, valid for two weeks. It applies to people who hold renewals.

Visas can be obtained at the airport or, if arriving by land or sea, at the port of entry. Although the government has officially stopped obtaining yellow fever vaccine certificates, it is recommended that you obtain and carry a valid yellow fever vaccine certificate. Weapons, pornographic materials, fresh food and cars that have been in existence for more than 10 years should not be brought into Tanzania.

There are two types of work permits, each requiring different documents, including resumes, cover letters, academic credentials, and personal photos. A special type of work permit is specifically for those who have successfully applied and have rare qualifications or skills. These are usually awarded to highly skilled occupations that are not easily found in the local labor market, including doctors, pilots, lawyers and accountants.

With a residence permit, spouses and family members are allowed to stay in Tanzania during the stay of a working relative. They usually do not work, but there are some exceptions based on specific conditions. A passport is the main document used to verify Tanzanian identity. Apart from obtaining a Tanzanian driver's license, no other documents are required.

The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling [Shilingi]. Banknotes are TSH 10,000 [red, elephant], TSH 5,000 [purple, rhino], TSH 1,000 [blue, late Nirere President], TSH 500 [green, buffalo] and TSH 2,00 [brown, zanzi] Barborg]. The coins are TSH 200, 100, 50 and 25. TSH20, 10 and 5 are no longer in circulation and although they can still be used in banks, they are no longer issued or used. The exchange bureaus are located throughout the city. Prices vary, so it's wise to shop around. The hotel will also exchange foreign currency, but the exchange rate is higher.

Cash is the most commonly used payment method in daily consumption [such as grocery, etc.]. It's essential for things like cooking gas, car fuel, restaurants, bars, taxi drinks and most other everyday consumption. Recently, larger stores have started accepting Visa and MasterCard, and American Express cards are accepted in some places, but cash is still recommended in the event of problems with unreliable machines.

Credit cards are accepted at hotels and some select restaurants, but there is a 5% charge. In most cases, you will need Tanzanian shillings. Foreign cash is accepted, but the exchange rate is shocking. Some agencies insist on paying in U.S. dollars, but you have the right to pay in shillings. However, you are likely to get a worse exchange rate.

As a foreigner, you can open a private bank account with a minimum deposit of 50,000 Tanzanian shillings, $ 1,000, and sometimes € 1,000, but you need a work / residence permit, two passport-sized photos, and a power of attorney from Make a cash deposit with your employer. All banks use English and Swahili as communication languages. As long as you have enough funds, you can transfer and remit any amount of currency abroad. Instead, you can import any amount, but it will be converted into the currency of your account.

Banking hours on weekdays are usually from 08:30 am to 15:30 pm, and on Saturdays, from 09:00 am to noon. There are more than 30 banks, of which Barclays, Standard Chartered Bank, Stanbic, Voda Baroda, FBME and Citibank are well-known internationally. Most banks have ATMs and offer Visa and MasterCard facilities. Cash is distributed in Tanzanian shillings. Typically, up to 40,000 TSH can be extracted at a time. Generally, travellers' cheques can only be accepted and exchanged at banks, hotels and money exchange offices. Credit cards are slowly being introduced, but cash is the only acceptable bidding method when dealing with locals.

The most important factor to consider when looking for a place to live in your city is your budget. The cost of accommodation is extremely high and the standard is relatively low. Another factor to consider is the distance between work and school, as congestion is a problem, especially in the morning.

Oyster Bay and Peninsula are two of the most popular expatriate settlements. Rentals in Oyster Bay and Peninsula range from $ 2,500 to $ 15,000 per month. The most famous and popular areas are Masaki [near the yacht club], Msasani Peninsula and Oysterbay. All are located near the most popular schools, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Over the past five to seven years, these areas have grown amazingly fast, and now you can choose all types of accommodation. Many of them have swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and security systems. Due to the high demand in these areas, rents are much higher and payment terms are rarely less than one year.

Foreigners are not allowed to purchase property. Businesses are only allowed to make purchases under a 99-year lease agreement. Therefore, in general, accommodation is rented. The landlord on the peninsula requires a one-year advance payment. In other areas, some owners requested only six months in advance.

When looking for a home, consider renting furnished accommodation for short periods. Ask for a list of available accommodations but book in advance as Dar es Salaam is rare. There are only two international residential management companies: Knight Frank and Pam Goulding. However, there are three to four good local companies. There are more than 40 hotels and furnished apartments in and around Dar es Salaam: Holiday Inn, Movenpick, Kempinski, Protea and Sun International are the best known hotel chains.

Utilities are generally not included in rental prices. Water is a factor to consider when moving to an area. In some areas, such as the Yacht Club and Masaki, a family of four needs to carry water four times a month for $ 50 each. If DAWASCO [a local company that distributes water around Dar es Salaam] is connected to your house, the cost is about 100,000 TSH [$ 85 per month].

Electricity is another high cost factor. A power-consuming home for air conditioning and appliances, up to 500,000 TSH [$ 430 per month]. TANESCO sells prepaid electricity through its LUKU office from Monday to Saturday. Some garages provide 24-hour service for the sale of LUKU. Natural gas is a very useful alternative to electricity and is easily available, and most DUKA [local shops] sell it late at night. The voltage system is 220, but due to voltage fluctuations, most homes have purchased many protective plugs to prevent their appliances from being damaged by spikes and valleys. Most appliances in Tanzania are available.

Tanzania is considered safe, but the number of petty thieves has increased and there have been gang-related attacks on the lonely. Thefts in the home are rare, but 24-hour security services should be hired.

Immigrants to Dar es Salaam usually attend major private schools. There are more than a dozen schools to choose from in Dar es Salaam, including the IST [Tang Tang Nika International School] in Oysterbay and the IST Elementary School in UPanga. IST is by far the most popular school of choice for expatriates, and for this reason alone, it is difficult to get students to attend immediately. Sometimes your luck is determined by those who graduated from a particular grade. This school is very expensive but has the best record in the city. On the peninsula, Ada Manor and Upanga also have seven selected schools that cater to preschool children. School buses are available, but heavy traffic means that children will spend a long time from the early morning. As a result, many families drive children to and from school.

All schools except IST start in January and end in December. IST starts in September and ends at the end of June. Generally, schools insist on students wearing school uniforms. Sports is not a top priority, but IST does have some activities other than academic activities.

We recommend that you prevent yellow fever and cholera vaccines and talk to your doctor about medicines to prevent malaria. You will not be denied medical services, but admission to Aga Khan and government hospitals is relatively cheap. Most expats go to IST Clinic-Tanany Nika Clinic International School, which is run by professional doctors who charge for all services in USD. If circumstances permit, the local agency will transfer the patient to Kenya, South Africa.

You can call 112 for help due to a medical emergency, fire, or need to contact the police, however, these numbers are rarely answered. It is best to get the emergency phone number of your security company. There are three to four security companies that provide reliable ambulances and medical assistance services. Daktari means "doctor" in "Swahili." Duka la Dawa is a drug store. Tap water is not safe to drink. The use of bottled water is highly recommended.

The traffic in Dar es Salaam is very heavy, especially in the morning and at night. Having your own vehicle is an absolute advantage. If your company's vehicle cannot transport your family, you may need a second vehicle. A large number of expatriates use drivers to avoid traffic stress and the danger of possible accidents. You may need to hire a driver to perform both functions, and generally these people are very reliable and willing to work below zero. Vehicles are usually four-wheel-drive because of poor road conditions. This type of new car sells for $ 30,000 to $ 50,000, but used cars cost between $ 8,000 and $ 15,000.

A Tanzanian driving license is required within six months of arrival. Licensing authorities need both a current driver ’s license for verification and a driver ’s license. Three passport-sized photos and a vision check by a renowned expert [costing 30,000 TSH or US $ 26]. Insurance is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended that you purchase comprehensive comprehensive insurance, as very few local citizens have insurance, so you need to protect your assets.

In Tanzania, you drive on the left. Despite frequent complaints in the media about dangerous driving, dirty uniforms and loud music, public transport in Dar es Salaam is surprisingly efficient, and you can reach it within a radius of less than 20 kilometers [12 miles] One thousand shillings [less than a dollar] anywhere in the city. "Daladals" are shared minibuses throughout the city and are open from 5am to 10pm. For short and frequently used distances, the route is served by cheap tricycles that can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers. Taxis are everywhere. Travel to the airport costs between 20,000 and 30,000 TSH [about $ 17 to $ 26]. In cities, transportation is safe, but is usually very crowded and can be very hot and crowded.
Long-distance buses can be used to take diaspora out of the city. They are good quality and inexpensive, but it is well known that drives can speed things up. If the distance is within 40-50 kilometers [24-30 miles], then taxi will be a good choice. Because the distance from Dar es Salaam to other major tourist attractions is very large, many travelers use local airlines and charter companies to get to these places.

There are many grocery stores where you can buy food and toiletries, including Shoppers Plaza, Shop rite [three points of sale], Game, Village supermarket, and Shrijee & # 39; s [three points of sale]. For fresh produce, there are other "Ducas", but they must be prepared for barter trade at the best prices, so most expats tend to shop at mainstream stores or at strange roadside Dukas. With the exception of fresh food, all other commodities are imported and prices have risen. You can get most things, including local devices, in a wide variety.

There are also several excellent furniture stores. Tanzanians are very good furniture manufacturers and are known for Zanzibar beds, cabinets, bookshelves, side tables and coffee tables. Zanzibar Gate is the grand entrance to a large number of houses.

The expat community is very friendly and there are many entertainment options to choose from. Clubs and groups can meet and integrate with other expats and locals, including Bridge Club, British Council, Dar es Salaam Yacht Club, Diplomatic Spouse Group, Irish Association, Little Theatre, Mahjong, Tanzania Wildlife Associations and more. other. There are not many radio stations. Apart from television, social life is limited to watching movies and dining out. Several groups welcome the newcomer "Karibu". There are night clubs and many bars, but newcomers are advised to go to these places only after they know the city. There are many single and professional expatriates during the contract period.

What a spouse has to do is almost endless. It is common for spouses to travel to the islands near Dar es Salaam to enjoy the sun and eat freshly prepared fish and chips. Sports activities are limited, but golf, tennis and cricket are all very popular social activities. The Sea Cliff Hotel has a bowling alley, while scuba diving and sailing are popular weekend activities.

Babysitters are available and usually have experience working with other immigrant families. They are very reliable and can serve as housekeepers. Home employment contracts are essential and wages are very affordable.

Although Kunduch Hotels and Beach Resorts are the area's most popular kid-friendly attractions, other children's activities are very limited and families are expected to entertain children most of the time. In addition to school-organized activities, families are advised to remain involved in selecting possible venues for teens before allowing them to explore on their own. Discuss the safety of children in the city. There is no real fear of children, but teens are advised not to enter the city on their own.


Thailand's unique culture


Thai culture in Bangkok

Thailand is a country with a long and rich history. Thailand is also one of many countries where traditions have not been affected by modern times. Thailand is known for its unique culture, which is notorious worldwide. Thai culture is known for its uniqueness. It is worth noting that Thai culture has traditionally been passed from one generation to the next.

Thai classical dance

Inspiring Thai culture includes inspiring local music and wonderful Thai dance. The culture also of course includes deep-rooted Buddhism, martial arts, handicrafts and beautiful costumes.

Visitors to Thailand can experience one of Thai classical dance performances and experience Thai culture. These classical dance performances are usually performed by a kind Thai lady wearing beautiful local Thai costumes.

Fortunately, these special Thai dances are still popular throughout Thailand, including today's young Thais. Most resorts and many hotels often offer these special Thai cultural dance performances to foreign tourists.

Thai greeting

Thailand's unique way of greeting is "Wai", which is one of the biggest aspects of the culture. Circumference means that when a person bends his hands slightly to the head or head, his hands are folded to the head or chest.

This type of greeting is used especially when young people greet older people and show respect for them. Employees will also abandon their superiors, even if supervisors or managers are younger than themselves because they respect the qualifications of others.


Bangkok is Thailand's main city and has been the capital of Thailand since the end of the 18th century. Cultural observation in Bangkok is a great experience because the fusion of modernity and tradition creates a friendly atmosphere. Bangkok still offers a complete set of culture that showcases Thai culture through numerous beautiful Thai Buddhist temples, interesting museums, and many examples of ancient Thai architecture.

Things to do in Bangkok

The Sanam Luang area of ​​Bangkok is one of Bangkok's best places to experience Thai culture. Visitors can visit national landmarks of Thailand, such as the Grand Palace, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and allow visitors to appreciate other best examples of Thai architecture.

Another place to enjoy and appreciate Thai culture in Bangkok is the famous Bangkok National Museum. The large museum is located near Pra Pin Klao Bridge in case you want to visit the National Museum of Bangkok. Famous museums provide visitors and tourists with the opportunity to view national treasures and unique Thai art, some of which date back to the late 16th century.


Welcome to Shropshire's "Little Switzerland" also known as Streton Church


The Streton Church in Shropshire was called "Little Switzerland" by Victorians. This is because of its beautiful hills and valleys.

Known as walker-friendly, Church Stretton even holds its annual walking festival every June.

The magnificent views of Church Stretton Golf Club are even clearer. This is the second highest golf course in England. They also have their own restaurant and bar, and can easily dine after a day of golf.

There are many attractions and activities near Church Stretton.

Take a step back while visiting Acton Scott's Historic Farm. Here you will see horses working in the field using old-fashioned farm equipment. They also stirred their butter and squeezed their milk. All these foods are used to prepare food provided by the farm.

"Wild Manor" is an Elizabethan manor built in 155. The manor has no furniture, but the interior decoration is exquisite. You will even see the beautiful wooden spiral staircase.

Horstock Historical Park and Follies are also nearby. This famous park is home to the TV series "The Chronicles of Narnia". The view of this park is unparalleled.

The magnificent castle nearby, Burnell castle, is also a frequent visit to Edward I.

This is one of the most natural and beautiful areas of England. Lovers of walking groups, gliders and hot air balloons can enjoy themselves. Here you can try all these adventure activities.

The area within 15 miles of Church Stretton lives up to its name. The beauty of this "Little Switzerland" is breathtaking. Church Stretton is a must-have for those who have the opportunity.


Mendocino-Movie Access


Filmed more than 40 films in Mendocino, a small town in Northern California. Some of these movies are a bit outdated, such as "at the same time next year", "42-year-old summer". They belong to the era when the United States is in a more distant and glorious place. Love and travel can evoke charm and romance, and we think this global village may be a moment for Disneyland.

Mendocino belongs to the same time, and this is not wrong. The artist colony is located 150 miles north of San Francisco and has no supermarkets, fast food chains or motels. However, the town has B & Bs. They are not cheap-a room costs at least $ 100, but Mendocino's location perches on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, making them the most romantic B & B in the United States. And, as a California bed and breakfast, hot tubs and wood-burning fireplaces are as automatic as unlimited coffee with breakfast.

The town was built by fugitives from the harsh winters of northeastern Maine and originally made a living from fishing and logging, surrounded by huge redwood forests. Most buildings have New England style buildings with white partitions. They are also filming "murder murders" here, but due to changes from the east coast to the west coast, they must be careful about the sunset location.

In the summer, tourists and fog are attracted to this town. It is best to come in the more refreshing and bright autumn or winter. The ocean is the dramatic, turbulent coast of Northern California-perfect for long hikes along the beach, but never swimming or sunbathing. In November, the town hosts a mushroom and wine festival, wine tasting and mushroom tasting, and fungal attack on the forest. Also in November, when the Arctic Grey Whales began to migrate south annually, the wooden water towns scattered throughout Mendocino provided an excellent viewing platform. Late January is "Crab and Wine Day" with more tastings and the opportunity to dance with crab fishermen.

During high season, many B & Bs require a minimum stay of three days. In such a small, secluded, and beautiful place, you can easily spend three days watching the ocean and waiting for the sunset. My journey started with an hour's walk around the headland, just minutes from the main street shops, on the high cliffs above the dark caves and on the smooth beige beach in the distance.

There are hiking trails all over the town, but you can save some time in the only public garden of the Mendocino Coastal Botanical Garden [Highway I-Tel: 707 964 4352] through spectacular ferns, fuschias and others Flora, walk a few miles north. Located directly on the ocean in the United States. Bring fungi throughout the garden during the Mushroom and Wine Festival.

Just about a mile north of the Craig Bragg's garden in the California Western Railroad, the steam train will be equipped with a steam engine for selected days to take you deep into the Redwood Forest. You can even pay extra and take a taxi with the engineer.

Back in Mendocino, the Kelly House Museum on the street is dedicated to the history of the Mendocino coast. Also on the street, the Ford House Museum will give you more information on more than thirty or so water towers that make the skyline so unique.

Many shops are quirky and unique: "Wind and Weather" is located in a water tower above Albion to show weather accessories; Papa Bird, also on Albion, represents organized bird walks and all birds Class of utensils. WilkesSport combines elegant men's and women's clothing with a gallery showing local art. Old records can be found on Main's Alphonso.

One of my best breakfasts ever was avocado guacamole and salsa omelet, served with freshly baked cranberry muffins, on the upper deck with locals at Bay View Café take out. Cozy town, full of hustle and bustle in the early morning, with beautiful views of wildflowers and the Royal Blue Pacific Ocean hundreds of yards away.

If you are visiting the botanical garden or taking a skunk train, stop at the pier in Fort Bragg and have a seal and seafood lunch at the pier or by the seaside salon. On North Harbor Drive, try Mama Carini's Fat Crab Sandwich.

Back in Mendocino, Café Beaujolais on Ukiah St is nationally renowned, has its own recipes and a varied menu, and the dishes in the menu are fresh local Ingredients, such as tuna and rosemary roast chicken wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. Seafood is next door to "955 Ukiah Street".

At the end of a peaceful day, if you are willing to enjoy the day, stop for a drink at the magnificent Mendocino, or drink at the Large Patterson & # 39; s Lance in Ireland.

Where then In a town where the best things are not done, what matters is where you do it. I live in John Dougherty House-it has an English garden tumbled towards the Pacific Ocean, a fireplace, early American antiques in the room, and a delicious breakfast served at the communal dining table. The notice warned that both domestic cats were happy. I ignored these notices, and when Tristan woke up in bed, I was convinced that my room was troubled when the cat started beating. The other more lovely night sounds were the Pacific Ocean crashing into the rocks, the Horn of Horn groaning, like a sad old sea monster in the bay.

Weller House Inn is located along the coast of Fort Bragg, next to Skunk Train depot. This working town is a welcome contrast to the tenacious charm of all Mendocino. The entrance hall of the Weller Inn is run by several classical musicians Ted and Eva Kidwell, and it looks like James Stewart's house in Good Life. Breakfast is served in the banquet hall on the third floor. Along the road is a glass beach. Many years ago, this was the dump in the town. Thousands of discarded bottles were thrown out there-the Pacific region began to tumble glasses of all colors, and now it flashes blue, red and green on clear days.


Manchester-British gay capital


Manchester & # 39; s Gay Village is centered on Canal Street, close to the center of China, and is featured in the BBC's popular TV series "Due of Quueer". The movie is almost restored. When it became a destination for hen and stag nights, it was almost like a zoo. It was chosen as the location because it has been around for a long time and is the gay gathering capital of Britain. There are so many clubs and bars that there is nothing else. If the canal were to freeze, they would build at least 3 clubs on ice.

Canal Street used to be a prosperous place by the Rochdale Canal, but when railways and roads took the place of people's choice of transportation, it became a dark and run-down area. Given that homosexuality was illegal until the late 1960s, and if you are over 21, it is only legal in private, so it has become a secret cruise area. Some say this is above all a large lesbian area. Ogden Arms [just a bar at the time] was the main venue for the party. It is now Rembrandt, has a hotel and is a favorite of leather and tattoo experts.

If you want to pay tribute to its roots, you should visit Rembrandt [formerly Ogden Weapons Company] and Napoleons, New York, New York, Cruz 101 and The New Union because they are gay The scene began when attacks on gay police were quite common.

Police are now more tolerant, with bars, clubs and restaurants booming on Canal Street, comparable to London and Brighton. In fact, one might say that Manchester is the number one party in terms of clubs. Some other notable bars are the Tribecca Bar and Bed. The restaurant downstairs has full-size beds, andyotes and Vanilla cater to the needs of lesbians, although not exclusive, Spirit, Queer and Taurus are all worth a visit.

Manchester's gay qualification is further enhanced by its annual "pride" celebration, one of the best celebrations in Europe, and a survey by Diva magazine found that Manchester Metropolitan University is the UK's most gay-friendly university .

There are many gay-friendly hotels in the Canal Block, as well as new apartment hotels, which means it's easy to visit from outside the city, it doesn't mean you'll sleep well in this vibrant city, but it's a good one Choose a website for vacation.

Manchester is rich in culture and can help a lot, especially in music. Despite the Liverpool Voices of the Beatles, Manchester is still Hollys, Herman's Hermit and Freddy and Dreamer on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the list of bands or musicians from Manchester is long and outstanding, such as Smith Band, Oasis Band, Elbow Band, Stone Rose Band, Joy Division / New Order Band, Shen Yun Band, Bad Boy Band, etc.

There is also an annual jazz festival, Hallé Orchestra and a thriving opera stage.

Among the many galleries is The Lowry, an amazing steel and glass building that towers over the old quayside, displaying the work of local hero LS Lowery and other careers in the visual and performing arts.

Theaters are also booming, and many theaters show a variety of plays from classic to avant-garde.

Manchester has its own international airport and good road and rail connections, so if you want to visit Liverpool, the Lake District or Blackpool, it is an ideal base where there are some first-class gay clubs and huge The beach, Blackpool Tower and some great roller coasters.


Mexico Beach Holidays-Excursions to Remember


The Yucatan Peninsula represents Mexico in the Caribbean Sea, and there are some modern resorts for unforgettable Mexican beach holidays. Vacationers want to lie in the sun, feel the sun kiss on the beach, jump into the fresh water, and roam the lost civilization ruins. These holidays can bring people back to life after a busy work day. The resort has Mexico's unique magic and myths, and the experience is truly luxurious and modern, all with calm waters and Caribbean winds.

L-shaped island Cancun is connected to the mainland by a 14-mile causeway. Luxury hotels are located on both sides of the beach. Cancun's restaurants offer exotic dishes, reggae music, jazz clubs, discotheques and folk song and dance performances, a world-class shopping experience as well as sports such as golf, water sports, tennis and Mexican bullfighting. These ideal mexican beach holidays are an all-round vacation. With stunning nightlife and sunny beach days, they are an ideal hiding place for travel lovers.

Now nine miles from the mainland is Conzumel, which can be reached by ferry. This 181-square-mile limestone island boasts magnificent beaches, palm groves, and relics of the Mayan Empire, dating back to 1000 AD. Natural parks and reserves are also major attractions there. The opposite coast is the Riviera Maya, where there is a long, tiny fishing village. There are some small and hidden resorts, which are highly sought after by nature lovers. It is also housed in a modern resort and is the perfect place to explore this wonderfully ancient land.

With the Mexican beach holiday coming, vacationers can think of escaping the beach and enjoying the sun. Other main places to visit are Women's Island, Contoy Island, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Xcaret. Quiet atmosphere, spotless Caribbean beaches, coral reefs, superb diving fun, coastal waters with semi-tropical fish, turtle farms, marine life stations, bird sanctuaries, ecological archeological parks and Mayan caves. Even so, it is not enough to define the beauty of this place.